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Tips for making it easier when flying with a disabled child

Accessible travelling is becoming increasingly common around the world. From cars to trains, to planes, there are more options now for those with disabilities to get the help they need. All you need to do is plan accordingly and inform the right authorities in advance.

To plan, you will want to:

  • Create a checklist for what your child needs
  • Find which airports or airlines offer the assistive services you need
  • Get a full list of available facilities at each airport
  • Visit your doctor to get the go-ahead for travel
  • Contact the airline ahead of time to let them know of your requirements
  • Print out your requirements and bring them with you
  • Have medical certification on all medication you need to bring with you

There are a variety of ways you can make your trip even easier. If your child has autism, for example, see if your airline offers mock security runs or pre-boarding to help them get accustomed to what they need to do before they go. Similarly, if you need a wheelchair simply contact the airport ahead of time. In Europe, these assistive services are free.

Advice for families travelling with a disabled child

As your child has advanced medical needs, you will want to get the right travel insurance for them. Depending on what their pre-existing medical condition is, this can be regular travel insurance or special medical travel insurance. Either way, you should ensure that you are fully covered in case you need emergency medical help or even evacuation.

If you're a grandparent travelling with your grandchildren, then check out our page to give you all the relevant information you need.

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