Nikolina Lange-Stalinski - Head of European Partnerships Development Germany - Photo
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Nikolina Lange-Stalinski

Head of European Partnerships Development Germany

My journey so far

When I walked in the door of Holiday Extras in Munich in 2012, I was warmly welcomed from the very first second. I decided to work for HX after the first interview because I liked the atmosphere, the people were very open-minded and courteous and as a mother of two small children I was offered the possibility of a part-time job with flexible working hours and home office solution.

I started as team leader for our Contact Center and was appointed Head of Reservation after a short time. After 2 years working in the contact center came a new challenge around the corner: Holiday Extras wanted to expand abroad and they asked me if I would like to tackle this. Had I been asked what my dream job was, I would probably have described that very spot. Today we are active in 8 countries and sell our products through many well-known brands in the travel industry and it is great to work with a multicultural team, to raise a business from scratch, acquire partners by convincing them of our idea to make travel easier.

Life before Holiday Extras

I was born into the hotel business: my parents had a hotel in the western part of Germany and even as a small child I loved to watch guests from all over the world arriving and how they were welcomed by my father at the reception and how my mother lovingly arranged the breakfast buffet each morning. Everything to make the guests feel comfortable and come back - and they did. During my school days I was a professional swimmer and with my club we travelled around the world. We were with the team in training camps in France, USA and even Guatemala. I think that was the formative time in which I discovered travelling for myself. After school I completed my education as a travel agent and worked for some years as an office manager for various travel agency networks in the city or at German airports. From 2004 - 2008 I lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I was responsible for online business development for the largest sub-Saharan tour operator. During this time I learned to love the country and its people and that's where my first son was born. To this day I have a close connection there.

Life outside Holiday Extras

I love to travel and use every opportunity to discover new places. Many colleagues have become friends with whom one likes to do something outside the office and the choice in Munich is of course huge: from beer garden to raft trips, concerts, cinema or clubbing. And the greatest joy of my life are my two boys. They always keep me on my toes with music lessons, sporting events, etc. and thankfully they share my passion for travelling. Be it a city trip over the weekend, a long distance trip or a road trip with our minibus through 11 European countries.

Favourite places

I am often in Croatia because I find the people, the sea, the wine and the food there fantastic. But otherwise it's hard to say because there are just so many, be it Thailand, New York or Amsterdam. From Munich I like to drive to Tegernsee, 50km away. This lake is a great place for hiking, cycling or just relaxing at the spa.

My inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. Nature and wildlife have inspired me very much. In everyday life this can also be music or good conversations with special people.