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Theresa Hughes - Director Chauntry - Photo

Holidays are back and we're here to help!

While travel was on hold we've upgraded our service to get you the help you need in lightning-quick time. We're back and faster than ever. Our team is ready to help in any way we can - the easiest way to reach us is by live chat (check our opening times). Or if something has gone wrong and you'd like to give us some feedback, get in touch with our dedicated customer team and we'll look into it for you.

We've worked hard on our flexibility and introduced FLEXTRAS - if you buy your holiday extras from Holiday Extras, you'll be getting the most flexible terms anywhere. We're also investing heavily in our app with a big focus on HEHA! - The Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant which makes it even easier and even faster to search, book and save.

You're welcome to email me about anything at all - ideas, suggestions and feedback. I read every email and will make sure your query is swiftly actioned with the right people. If needed I'll follow up in person too.

Thanks for choosing Holiday Extras. Wishing you safe and happy travels.

Theresa Hughes

Director Chauntry

My journey so far

In 1991 Ray and I started our own software company called Chauntry. Chauntry developed travel booking systems and Holiday Extras were our 2nd client. I had no idea at the time just how long the relationship with Holiday Extras would last or just how personally transformative that contract would end up being. For 27 years Holiday Extras remained an important client for whom we developed and maintained the booking engine. In October 2017 Holiday Extras acquired the Chauntry business. Now an associate director within the HX group, I continue to do what I love supporting a worldwide customer base and developing cutting edge systems for parking operators and airports. The backing of HolidayExtras creates such an exciting opportunity for Chauntry to accelerate the development and create next generation solutions.

Life before Holiday Extras

I started my working career in the travel industry working for BelleAir Holidays. In the 1980's IT was an exciting industry and one I wanted to get into. My opportunity came when I was offered a job at GPT (GEC /Plessey) as Product Manager in their travel reservation systems group. I was actually initially turned down for the job because of a lack of IT experience but my persistence paid off in the end. 4 years at GPT was a great training ground and inspired me to start my own company Chauntry.

Life outside Holiday Extras

Ray and I met when we were both working at GPT. We got married in August 1990 and started our business together in Feb 1991. So we have lived and worked together for for nearly 3 decades. We have 2 daughters Amy who is 24 and Grace who is 23. Grace has followed the family tradition and joined Chauntry 4 years ago.

Working my whole life in or around the travel industry has given me a love of travel. I have spent a lifetime travelling for both work and pleasure. Travel combined with a love of food inspired me to eat my way round the world best 100 restaurants. Work in progress still but the waistline gives testament to my good progress.

Favourite places

Hmm tricky one to choose. Hong Kong for dim sum, Queenstown NZ for scenery, Banff in the Rockies for remoteness (stay in the hotel in the The Shining).