Andrew Bird

General Manager Airparks

My journey so far

I joined the business way back in 2006 and have held several roles within that time traveling and working in specific Airport locations all over the UK.

After a brief period away in 2014, I was pleased to re-join the business in 2015 as the General Manager looking after the parking arm of the group.

Airparks and HX truly is a great place to work and I’m proud of the engaged and focussed team that operates 24/7, 365 days of the year come rain or shine providing great service to our customers.

Life outside work

Life outside work is always busy! I have two daughters, Abi and Caitlin and an oversized cat called Kimmi. I was born and bred in Ashton Under Lyne (Manchester) which is where I still live with my girlfriend Kate, and the cat! I am somewhat of a local celebrity as I was lucky enough (or not as I’m now realising) to go through my homes renovation on the popular daytime programme ‘Homes Under the Hammer’. Some 8 years on I still get stopped in the street on a regular basis…….must be what George Clooney feels like! Sadly, my blossoming friendship with Martin Roberts didn’t stand the test of time.

Being from Manchester I am a keen Red and do enjoy watching my home team play. Sadly not always on winning form, they are a team I have grown up with and I endeavour to watch the matches when I can. My two daughters are just old enough at six and eleven to start appreciating the beautiful game, and it give me great pleasure when asked what they want for their birthday, their response is "a United kit and football boots".

In recent years myself Abi and Caitlin have taken up mixed martial arts. It has been really great learning a new skill with them and watching them train towards achieving their next belt. I’ve been conned by them both into a monetary reward for the first of us to reach black belt. I’m just about managing to keep pace with Abi my eldest. We have so far both achieved brown belt. Caitlin is a little further behind on yellow belt but as the youngest and most agile she won’t be far behind for long. Either way I’ll be out of pocket no doubt.

Putting football and martial arts aside, when not working Kate and I spend a great deal of time travelling. We are lucky enough to enjoy several holidays a year, rarely returning to the same place twice. I enjoy experiencing the different cultures and if I can combine that with my love of great food and wine then mores the better. One particular highlight was a trip to Whistler in Canada. This was my first experience of skiing and like everyone I believed myself to be an expert before I even got there! Needless to say when I took a wrong turn and accidently found myself alone on the mens Olympic down hill run, my confidence was somewhat lessened! Two hours later when the rest of my party were considering sending out search and rescue I turned up at the bar looking a whiter shade of pale. After a stiff whiskey I could see the funny side! We also tried our hands at husky sledding, snow tubing, zip wires and snowmobiling as well as plenty of 'apres ski' so it really was action packed. Canada is a fantastic country, and one that I would certainly like to return to. My skiing ability still has room for improvement!

In short, my spare time is spent with friends and family, enjoying travel, fine food, great wine and the occasional flutter on the blackjack tables.