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Johannes Mehrer - Head of Business Development / Deputy CEO Germany - Photo

Holidays are back and we're here to help!

While travel was on hold we've upgraded our service to get you the help you need in lightning-quick time. We're back and faster than ever. Our team is ready to help in any way we can - the easiest way to reach us is by live chat (check our opening times). Or if something has gone wrong and you'd like to give us some feedback, get in touch with our dedicated customer team and we'll look into it for you.

We've worked hard on our flexibility and introduced FLEXTRAS - if you buy your holiday extras from Holiday Extras, you'll be getting the most flexible terms anywhere. We're also investing heavily in our app with a big focus on HEHA! - The Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant which makes it even easier and even faster to search, book and save.

You're welcome to email me about anything at all - ideas, suggestions and feedback. I read every email and will make sure your query is swiftly actioned with the right people. If needed I'll follow up in person too.

Thanks for choosing Holiday Extras. Wishing you safe and happy travels.

Johannes Mehrer

Head of Business Development / Deputy CEO Germany

My journey so far

I joined Holiday Extras in January 2010. Frank Ferraro, our Commercial Director, gave me the hot tip back then that Holiday Extras Germany was looking for a new Sales Director. There have been a lot of exciting developments since then. Being Sales Director, responsible for Partnerships, the Traffic team, Systems and our Contact Center, was quite challenging, learning something new every day. A major highlight was the "Convergence-Project", when we moved to the UK platforms and booking processes, with joint teams during the implementation. UK and Germany really have grown together! In 2016, I was appointed as AD, another highlight, which increased my involvement in many other exciting topics. This year my role has changed and as Head of Business Development, I am now responsible for new Holiday Extras products for Germany and Europe. In Germany we are known as the "Parking guys" and now it's time to improve our customers' travel experiences with clever extras.

Be one team is our HEX-motto!

Life before Holiday Extras

After graduating from school, I did military service for 15 months in the German Air Force. That was easy - after the basic training I was the bartender at the officers club. A very interesting experience - one evening of anecdotes would certainly not suffice here! Even as a child I travelled a lot with my parents and I remember wonderful holidays all over Europe. This definitely influenced my decision to work in the travel industry. I spent three years as an apprentice at a travel agency in Munich and then studied tourism at the University of Applied Sciences. My career continued with various tour operators in Munich, until that phone call from Frank... and this year it is indeed my thirtieth year in the tourist industry.

Life outside Holiday Extras

I live with my wife Pauline and our two children Steven (18 years) and Kira (16 years) just outside Munich. Pauline is Irish but has lived in Munich for over 20 years. Our children have grown up enjoying the best of both countries - the "Christkind" comes on 24.12. and Santa on 25.12. Not to forget the delicious stuffed turkey...Pauline and I enjoy hiking - the most beautiful tours are in the Bavarian Alps, which can be reached from here in just 1 hour. I also love music, especially rock concerts, the louder the better and I've seen a lot of famous bands!

Dublin with my family:

Favourite places

There is nothing I like more than a hike in the Alps on a sunny day - a 4 hour climb to the summit, fresh mountain air and a great view at the top, and a delicious snack with a cold weissbier in a mountain lodge on the way down. Back down in the valley I take off my mountain boots and step into a cold mountain stream. What could be better? If not the mountains, then a lonely beach in the west of Ireland.

Beautiful Bavaria:

My inspiration

People who give everything for others, for example "Médecins Sans Frontières", an organisation of medical staff who provide emergency aid.