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Johannes Mehrer - Associate Director - Joint General Manager Germany - Head of Partnerships - Photo

Holidays are back and we're here to help!

While travel was on hold we've upgraded our service to get you the help you need in lightning-quick time. We're back and faster than ever. Our team is ready to help in any way we can - the easiest way to reach us is by live chat (check our opening times). Or if something has gone wrong and you'd like to give us some feedback, get in touch with our dedicated customer team and we'll look into it for you.

We've worked hard on our flexibility and introduced FLEXTRAS - if you buy your holiday extras from Holiday Extras, you'll be getting the most flexible terms anywhere. We're also investing heavily in our app with a big focus on HEHA! - The Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant which makes it even easier and even faster to search, book and save.

You're welcome to email me about anything at all - ideas, suggestions and feedback. I read every email and will make sure your query is swiftly actioned with the right people. If needed I'll follow up in person too.

Thanks for choosing Holiday Extras. Wishing you safe and happy travels.

Johannes Mehrer

Associate Director - Joint General Manager Germany - Head of Partnerships

I started working for Holiday Extras as Head of Sales at the beginning of 2010. After a very short time, it was clear to me that I had landed with a very special company. My path here has been highly exciting and I have taken care of various teams, projects and challenges over the years. At all times, I was given the freedom to develop both the teams and myself. The Corona crisis was very challenging, but with a highly motivated team we managed it very well. I would even say that we came out stronger!

Through the "matrix structure" created since 2021, we are now working particularly closely with our English colleagues and powerful joint teams have emerged with which we will now continue to grow within Europe. We have team members from 27 countries, we have different religions and LGBTQ is important for us. We were awarded as a German Top Company 2023 and I am proud to be a part of it.

Life before Holiday Extras

I have become a part of the travel industry - a trainee in a travel agency, a degree in tourism at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and a lot of experience through various jobs as a Key Account Manager and Head of Sales with various medium-sized and larger tour operators (FTI group).

Life outside Holiday Extras

I am certainly a family man and like to spend a lot of time with my wife Pauline (who is from Ireland) on day trips to the local area. Bavaria is the most beautiful part of Germany with the highest mountains and the most gorgeous lakes. Sometimes our children Steven (23 years) and Kira (21 years) join us, at least when we promise them a good dinner ???? Otherwise, I love long bike rides, BBQ`s at the lake, swimming in the early morning, lots of travelling and loud rock concerts!

What's your perfect holiday?

I love the white houses and the blue sea of the Cyclades in Greece, where I can relax on the beautiful beaches and explore the charming islands like Santorini, Paros and Naxos. .

I appreciate the stunning Coastal trail in Cornwall, England, and the breathtaking view of the turquoise sea, as I hike along the cliffs and discover hidden coves.

I enjoy getting lost in the narrow alleys of the Latin Quarter in Paris, France, where I can immerse myself in the bohemian atmosphere, visit quaint bookshops, and stumble upon cosy cafes.

I admire the vibrant nightlife in Berlin, Germany, with its eclectic mix of clubs, bars, and live music venues that offer unforgettable experiences and a diverse music scene.

I wander through the charming streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, and marvel at the impressive Edinburgh Castle, while soaking in the rich history

I adore the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany in Italy, with its rolling hills, vineyards, and charming mediaeval towns. I don´t forget to eat the best Spaghetti and enjoy the tastiest glass of red wine in Fiesole (a magical place high above Florence).

I venture out to the stunning West of Ireland. Standing at the edge of majestic cliffs, I'm in awe of the dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the rocks. I take a leisurely hike along the cliffside trails, breathing in the fresh sea air and soaking in the natural beauty.

I discover Tyrol/Austria where "the Kaiserschmarrn" is served—a fluffy pancake torn into small pieces and dusted with powdered sugar. I take the first bite and I am immediately enchanted by the delicious sweetness and delicate texture of the dish. With each bite, I delve deeper into the pleasure of the Kaiserschmarrn and can't get enough of it.

I cool my sunburn with a fresh stein of beer in the wonderful Englischer Garten (Munich). When the beer is served, I let the fresh Augustiner beer trickle down my parched throat in slow and deep sips. Prost!


I admire the people in the nursing home who care for my elderly parents in a loving and compassionate way. This inspires me.