Ant Clarke Cowell

Associate Brand Director

I'm Ant Clarke Cowell, Associate Brand Director, which really means I'm responsible for how we tell our story, merchandise our products and promote our brand. I've been an HX'er for more than 20 years - it's been a remarkable journey and I'm fortunate to be working with the most incredible, talented, inspiring bunch of people you could ever hope to work with.

Ant Clarke-Cowell

When I'm not thinking about our brand I'm normally reading, listening to music, watching live bands, running, watching baseball, drinking coffee, appreciating a home cooked meal with a good glass of red or playing one of my collection of about 150 modern designer board games.

I'm at my best when I am surrounded by the people I love, including my lovely wife Miche who also works for Holiday Extras and my 2 amazing children. I also have 2 dogs who keep us sane by taking us for a long walk every night.

I love words, design and storytelling; and especially that special place where they all intersect to create something magical and more than the sum of their parts. All my personal passions have words, design and storytelling at their heart - a beautiful vinyl Bob Dylan LP with an iconic cover and the best lyrics ever written; a card or board game that tells a story with incredible production value and art; a beautifully bound novel that transports to another world; it's even the rich narrative folk history and aesthetic of baseball that draws me in as much as the thrill of the game itself.

Ant Clarke-Cowell

At work I love having the opportunity to work with creative genii and watching individuals and teams learn, grow and develop - nothing gives me more joy than watching someone fulfil their potential and feeling that I have had some part to play in helping them on their journey. I look around HX and see many people that I am proud and privileged to have worked with over the last 20 years.

Ant Clarke-Cowell

I love travel and see it as a great opportunity to find our selves again. It's an escape from the ever-connected world that we live in and I normally try and entirely disconnect from electronic life when I am away. I am as happy lounging by the pool with a book as I am exploring and finding off-the-beaten track places. But I can't think of a better travel moment in my entire life than the moment I was able to walk down the grandstand between 3rd and home base in Fenway Park in Boston to finally watch my beloved Boston Red Sox in action with my favourite people in the world. I was awestruck.