David Lee

Associate Director of Growth

My journey so far

I first joined Holiday Extras in 2008 as a student on a 6 week placement, and it took me a matter of seconds to realise this is where I needed to be. The culture and working environment completely redefined what I thought 'work' should be, so once I graduated I jumped at the opportunity to come back and work here, initially in the PPC team.

I have always been a data geek, so once I was let loose on the wealth of data available here, I quickly started finding new ways to shape it in order to drive profitable insights- and I haven't looked back since.

10 years later, I'm now proud to be Associate Director of Growth here. My role is doing more of the same, only now on a much bigger scale.

I'm responsible for all of our paid acquisition channels, ensuring we are delivering valuable new customers and offering the right products to them once on the site. A part of my role that I love is helping customers fill their baskets with great value hassle free extras and, in doing so, creating happy loyal customers who love the products, recommend us to their friends and return to us time and again.

You can usually find me with far too many tabs open and my head deep in a dataset, or getting overly excited by a trend line! I am passionate about data literacy and giving everyone in the business the tools and the skills to understand, analyse and act on data. There are few things more satisfying than spotting an opportunity in data, working with a team to build it into a test, and then nurturing it all way through from an opportunity to a successful outcome.

Holiday Extras is such an amazing place to work with so many innovative and forward thinking people, that any idea will be listened to and the next big thing can come from anyone and anywhere in the business.

Life before Holiday Extras

I studied Marketing and Advertising in Canterbury and graduated in 2009 with first class honours. Looking back, my marketing course was almost entirely about offline media, as social media marketing hadn't taken off yet and search and display marketing was still in its infancy. Whether much of what I learnt at university would stand up in the modern world of marketing is certainly questionable, but it gave me a great grounding in consumer behaviour, and taught me how to communicate my ideas effectively and translate them into actions.

Life outside Holiday Extras

My life outside of Holiday Extras consists of, together with my wife Emily, attempting to keep up with our amazing children; Hannah (6) and George (3), plus we have another one on the way in 2019 just to add to the mayhem! We spend most of our time having as much fun as possible, whether it's adventure play parks, swimming, climbing, bike riding or trampolining. Any time I manage to get to myself will usually consist of watching (or occasionally playing) any kind of sport that I can. I'm a big cricket, football, and combat sports fan, but I can pretty much get into anything that has a competitive element to it (and yes, that even includes darts!)

What's your perfect holiday?

My perfect holiday is anywhere that has fast rollercoasters and ice cream! My kids are already budding thrill seekers too, standing tall on tiptoes in an attempt to be big enough for any rides with height restrictions!


Anyone who is prepared to actively seek out the things that make them most uncomfortable as a way to improve themselves, is a huge inspiration to me.