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Jeremy Pack

Non-executive Director

Following in his brother Matthew's footsteps, Jeremy studied at Bournemouth University and gained a 2:1 degree in Interactive Media Productions. His introduction to marketing and branding was with one of the leading brands, RedBull, and he spent a number of years running events and implementing guerrilla marketing campaigns as their Student Brand Manager.

Following a year travelling the world, he returned and experimented with monetising social media by creating a YouTube channel that broadcast the snow conditions in the Alps. This led Jeremy into his role at ChannelFlip, where he carved out a niche for himself; creating online editorial campaigns for blue chip companies, including Kellogg's, British Gas, Dell and Mondelez. Having produced over 400 videos and amassed over a 100 million views, he is incredibly aware of what it takes to engage an audience online.

Life outside of work

Jeremy is addicted to skiing, tennis and golf - in that order. He is married with a daughter.

What's your perfect hassle-free holiday?

"Start with an overnight stay at the Sofitel to wind down and eat the amazing soft shell crab. Breakfast in the lounge, a flight that leaves on-time, followed by a fast transfer; Then knee deep powder for a week on an empty mountain. Not to mention lots of great French wine!"


"Inspired by people who don't take no for an answer - Josh Dueck, and those who push the boundaries of what's possible, Shane McConkey ...both skiers!"