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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to offer customers less (hassle) so they get more (holiday).

This is one busy world. And it's getting busier.

Everything is designed to get our attention. The supply and demand for our time is out of control. It's the one asset that no one can make any more of, but it is being squeezed everywhere.

Our saviour, namely technology, has inadvertently made it increasingly hard for us to switch off. Correspondingly, we value travel more than ever.

Travel is our recharge. Holidays are our precious family time, they are our adventure, they are our pause, they are when we become ourselves again, they are when we get our breath back, when we take stock and put things into perspective, when we are living this life on our terms. Holidays have always been important to us, but now they are our everything.

We get this. We live this.

We are here to help our travellers arrive in the best state. We do this by thinking like a traveller, and understanding the value they want at every point of the journey. It doesn't matter if it's a day trip, mini break or a two week adventure. It all counts.

We're here to make a difference.

Holiday Extras is building the future of travel.

We create products and services to make travel easy, simple and fun. We protect time and promote wellbeing because we believe life is short and free time is the most precious time of all.

Our purpose is to offer customers less so they get more.

Let your career take flight

Our audacious plans means we're looking for pioneering, customer-centric people to help make these happen. If you'd love to use your creativity to solve some of the biggest problems in travel, as well as being part of a community of awesome, ambitious people, then join us to help remake holidaymaking.

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