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Christoph Geyer - Head of Marketing & Online Sales Germany - Photo

Holidays are back and we're here to help!

While travel was on hold we've upgraded our service to get you the help you need in lightning-quick time. We're back and faster than ever. Our team is ready to help in any way we can - the easiest way to reach us is by live chat (check our opening times). Or if something has gone wrong and you'd like to give us some feedback, get in touch with our dedicated customer team and we'll look into it for you.

We've worked hard on our flexibility and introduced FLEXTRAS - if you buy your holiday extras from Holiday Extras, you'll be getting the most flexible terms anywhere. We're also investing heavily in our app with a big focus on HEHA! - The Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant which makes it even easier and even faster to search, book and save.

You're welcome to email me about anything at all - ideas, suggestions and feedback. I read every email and will make sure your query is swiftly actioned with the right people. If needed I'll follow up in person too.

Thanks for choosing Holiday Extras. Wishing you safe and happy travels.

Christoph Geyer

Head of Marketing & Online Sales Germany

My journey so far

When I started at Holiday Extras in 2012, I really lived out my passion for figures as a business analyst for the first time! My flatmates used to smile about the exact cent allocation of heating and hot water bills. But here at Holiday Extras I could quickly help many colleagues with my understanding of numbers and my love of detail.

After only one year I got the chance to lead the Online Sales Team in Germany. The focus on performance and KPIs helped my team and me make the right decisions. Back then, six of us rocked the Google Rankings, Google Ads and our newsletters together. Our success speaks for itself: Today we have a team of 11 people and generate more than twice as much turnover as in the 2013/2014 financial year.

The online environment has changed significantly since then: Many competitors have entered the market and Google ranking factors, both for SEO and for PPC, have changed. That's why today we put a much greater focus on Holiday Extras as our brand. As a consequence, we have merged the marketing team and the online sales team so that together we can continue to dominate the market for ancillary travel services in the future!

Life before Holiday Extras

After studying business administration in the small student town of Jena, I was drawn to Scandinavia: For half a year I studied in the small Swedish town of Borlänge. There I had my first contact with tourism. In the tourism management course I made important contacts that got me a job in Norway. After my studies in Sweden I was able to live and work for 3 months at the northernmost point of Europe: "North Cape". I look back on this time very gladly!

After a stopover as an intern at IKEA in Kiel, I ended up in Munich as a marketing assistant. I worked for the Swedish personnel service "Academic Work" for two years when I applied as a business analyst at Holiday Extras.

Life outside Holiday Extras

A year without traveling is a lost year! How handy that my passion for travel can be combined with my passion for photography! With my pictures I could already win a prize - at least with Holiday Extras. When I'm not out in the world, I love listening to music. I belong to the postmodern generation that thinks owning records is cool. And yes! I actually think it's cool. I also play in a cover rock band with the creative name: "10% Off". Why? Because we offer 10% discount on quality, 10% discount on class, 10% discount on the style of the band members.

Besides, I can't wait for the days to get shorter and the temperatures to get lower again. Because winter time is board game time! I can't keep up with Anthony Clark-Cowell yet (have you seen his board game collection??), but I play the games I have very often!

Favourite places

Yes, I'm a bon vivant! My favourite places can therefore be found wherever I can enjoy something: Whether in Munich (Boulevardier Bar for a cocktail (or two); "signalman Thiel" for the calmness of the people (an area full of graffiti, euro-pallets and containers and good music on weekends); Westpark for a film in the open air cinema; the river Isar for a boat trip) or in the world (the Lofoten Islands in Norway, a dog sled tour through Lapland, the view of a deserted beach in Portugal).

My inspiration

When I travel, I am inspired by the different experiences I get from the places I visit: landscape, culture, architecture, environment, etc. I find inspiration not only in new things but also in the appreciation of what I have. It gives me the contentment and balance that is my daily aspiration to be a capable partner for my employees and colleagues.