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How to have a comfortable journey on a coach

A great way to make a coach journey more comfortable is to bring a good cushion, pillow or invest in a neck rest to allow you to sit comfortably, especially in longer journeys. Packing earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones will cut out the general noise of the other passengers so you can get some rest, or even sleep undisturbed.

What to pack for a coach trip

You may want to consider packing light when heading on a coach trip as this will reduce the amount of luggage you have to carry around when you reach your destination, as well as reduce the amount of hand luggage that is competing for space with your feet. However, the essentials include a small number of travel-sized toiletries, especially if you're travelling overnight, anti-bacterial gel or wet wipes and tissues. You should also ensure that you have a copy of your travel documents such as your travel insurance as protection in unforeseen circumstances.

What to wear on a coach trip

You should pack loose clothing to ensure that you'll stay comfortable after sitting in the same position for a number of hours. You should also wear layers as this will help you to adjust to any change in temperature.

What food should you bring on a coach trip?

You should bring a number of pre-packaged snacks that will stave off hunger until you reach your destination. The best combination is a large quantity of smaller snacks as this will ensure that you can boost your energy levels throughout your journey. However, you should avoid foods that could upset other passengers, particularly foods that are known to be allergenic or even those with a strong smell.

How to keep occupied on a coach journey

You may want to pack a hobby to keep you entertained on your coach journey. This could include a few of your favourite books, a compendium of travel games, or you could download films or videos onto your tablet or phone before you go.

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