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A woman on a cruise ship embracing the sun

Come sail away on a hassle-free adventure – with cruise travel insurance

Embark on your next voyage, protected. Our dedicated Insurance team explain how to get the most out of your cruise insurance.

Picture this. You're boarding a cruise ship as it prepares to whisk you off on the holiday of a lifetime at sea. Each port of call promises new adventures, from the golden sands of beach resorts to bustling coastal markets. Cruise travel isn't just a holiday, it's a collection of memories each connected by the open sea.

Now, let's talk about an essential piece of your holiday kit – cruise travel insurance.

What is cruise travel insurance?

Specialist-cruise travel insurance is designed to address the unique needs of sea voyagers. It offers protection against common cruise-related issues you might not find on a standard travel insurance policy. This includes cover for missed port, cabin confinement, unused excursions, and evening wear.

Whether it's a missed port due to bad weather or a suitcase taking its own holiday, having cruise travel insurance means you can keep your focus on the fun stuff. It's about making sure a hiccup doesn't turn into a full-blown storm, making sure your dream voyage is smooth sailing.

Two cruise ships docked in a picturesque holiday resort

Why cruise travel insurance. Do I need it?

Cruise holidays differ from your typical land holiday or city break, and are better suited to an insurance policy tailored for cruises. Here's why cruise-specific insurance is important if you're off on a holiday at sea.

1. Unforeseen delays and missed departures

The journey to your cruise ship isn't always smooth sailing. Missing your ship's departure can be costly, not just financially but also in terms of the stress and disappointment. If you're departing from the UK, cruise travel insurance can cover the costs of getting you to the next port so you can join your ship and continue your holiday.

2. Medical emergencies at sea

Accessing medical care on the open ocean is not as straightforward as on land. The NHS doesn't exist overseas (or at sea!), so if you fall ill or get injured the ship's medical facilities are your first port of call – but these can be expensive. Having adequate insurance ensures you're covered, including the cost of medical evacuations if you need to be transported to a hospital onshore. Be aware, most cruise operators ask for evidence of insurance before people board the ship as they're effectively private hospitals who want proof of coverage before you might need their services. Otherwise they have no way of recouping the cost.

3. Cabin confinement

Falling ill and being confined to your cabin can put the scuppers on any holiday, especially when you're missing out on excursions and entertainment. Cruise insurance policies often offer compensation for each day you're confined, as well as unused excursion cover to help to soften the blow of missing out on your holiday experiences.

4. Lost or delayed luggage

Imagine arriving on your cruise, but your luggage doesn't. Cruise travel insurance can help cover the cost of essential items while you wait for your bags to show up. If your luggage is lost, you'll be compensated so you can replace your belongings. This includes your evening wear.

5. Itinerary changes

Cruises are known for their spectacular stops, but what happens if your ship can't dock as planned due to bad weather or timetable restrictions? Insurance can offer compensation for missed ports, making sure that itinerary changes won't leave you out of pocket.

When to buy cruise travel insurance

Cruises tend to be booked months or years in advance of the ship setting sail, so many recommend you buy your travel insurance as soon as you buy your holiday. This way, you're covered not only for your trip, but have safeguards against anything that may happen between the time of booking and the departure date.

Buy cruise travel insurance

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Cover for all aboard

Whether you're out solo on the high seas, planning to party at sea with your friends, or enjoying your twilight years on the waves, there's a cruise insurance policy waiting to match every kind of sailor. With cover for missed excursions, missed port, cabin confinement, evening wear and increased personal baggage limits, you can take to the seas knowing you're protected.

Your anchor in rough waters

Cruise travel insurance acts as your safety net amidst the vast ocean. It's the reassurance you need against unexpected setbacks letting you soak in the maritime bliss, hassle-free.

Bon voyage!