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Single-trip travel insurance – One trip, countless memories, zero worries

Your ticket to a stress-free holiday. Our dedicated Insurance team explain the ins and outs of single-trip travel insurance.

Dreaming of the ultimate journey? Imagine diving into crystal clear oceans, exploring ancient temples, or carving up the ski slopes. This isn't just a trip – it's the adventure of a lifetime where lifelong memories are made.

If this sounds like you, something that may not be as exciting as the adventure ahead, but plays a crucial role in making those smooth globetrotting dreams a reality is single-trip travel insurance. Here's why it's an important component for any journey.

What is single-trip travel insurance?

Single-trip travel insurance is your bespoke safety net, tailored for one-off trips. Whether you're exploring for a weekend or wandering for weeks, this insurance covers you from buying, to boarding, and back again. It's the straightforward choice to cover an individual trip.

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Why choose single-trip insurance instead of annual multi-trip?

Ease and Convenience

Enjoy the simplicity of one-time insurance shopping. Single-trip insurance means there's one less thing to think about for your next trip, giving you more time to focus on what really matters — planning your holiday.

Ideal for the occasional traveller

If you're someone who only plans one trip a year, then single-trip may be the insurance for you. This way you won't be paying any extra for cover you don't need, on trips you won't be going on.

Perfect for longer trips

Single-trip travel insurance policies tend to have a long maximum trip duration than each trip on an annual travel insurance policy. The longer trip cover is ideal for those longer holidays, like a gap year abroad travelling, or being abroad on business for an extended period of time.

Choosing your cover

When picking the right single-trip travel insurance, here are a few things to consider:

Cover for extra activities – If you're planning some activities with a higher level of associated risk, make sure you've got that extra level of cover.

Protect your gadgets – If you're travelling with personal electronics like phones, laptops and cameras, you might want to take out additional gadget cover.

Understand the cancellation cover on your policy – Check if the policy covers events which might force you to cancel or reschedule your trip, like personal illness or illness in non-travelling relatives.

Medical conditions – Make sure you declare all pre-existing medical conditions so you can be provided with the most suitable coverage your your specific needs.

Check the policy wording – For a complete rundown of what you are and aren't covered for, as well as the cover limits, always check the policy wording.

Buy single-trip travel insurance

Start your holiday early by buying your single-trip travel insurance with Holiday Extras.

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When to buy single-trip travel insurance

It's advisable to get your single-trip travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. This ensures you're covered for pre-departure issues, such as having to cancel your trip due to a medical emergency.

The world is your oyster

Think of single-trip travel insurance as your invisible safety net, catching you if things go sideways, and letting you focus on making memories rather than worrying about the 'what ifs'.

Here's to a great holiday making unforgettable memories.