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Gap year travel insurance - secure your gap year dreams

Make those gap year dreams a hassle-free reality. Tips, tricks and advice, brought to you by our dedicated Insurance team.

A year of adventures await

Taking a gap year opens doors to new experiences, cultures, and self-discovery. It's a time to explore, learn, and grow beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. But, with great adventure comes the unexpected. That's why, getting gap year travel insurance is an essential part of your travel planning.

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Do I need travel insurance for my gap year?

Whenever you're planning a holiday abroad, or even in the UK (travel insurance can be used for staycations too!) investing in travel insurance for your gap year is crucial. It's not just about covering your gadgets or flight cancellations, it's about your safety and health. From unexpected medical bills in different healthcare systems to lost passports, having a robust travel insurance policy in your toolkit means you're ready for whatever comes your way, meaning you can focus on making the most of your gap year.

Do I need single-trip or annual multi-trip cover for my gap year?

No two gap years are the same and your gap year is as unique as you. So, you'll want a travel insurance that covers the specifics of your plans.

The most well known and popular way to spend a gap year is to go backpacking, jumping from country to country on the adventure of a lifetime. If this sounds like you, backpacker travel insurance is the way to go. Given the longer duration of gap years, which often surpass the typical holiday, single-trip insurance can cover much longer periods of continuous travel. It's designed to protect you from start to finish, no matter how many destinations you're hitting.

When planning a gap year with multiple trips, but with your base of operations still being your home, then an annual multi-trip insurance may be more suited to you. On the whole, you stand to save both time and money buying one policy for your multiple trips than buying travel insurance for each individual trip.

When should I buy my gap year cover?

It's always advisable to buy your travel insurance as soon as you've booked your holiday. This way you'll not only be covered for your trip, but also the time leading up to it, giving you cover against unforeseen circumstances like illness or cancellations.

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Getting the most out of your gap year

We want to make sure your gap year is one to remember. Here are some top tips to get the most out of it.

Embrace the adventure

Your gap year is a chance to explore that you may not have at any other time in your life, so grab that opportunity with both hands.

Make connections

People you meet along the way can transform your journey from memorable to life-changing. Be open to making friends in every corner of the globe.

Learn, grow, reflect

A gap year isn't just a break from work or studies – it's a unique opportunity for personal development. It's not just about seeing the world, but also taking the time to reflect on your experiences and the lessons learnt along the way.

Pack light, live large

On a practical note, remember that 'less is more' can apply to gap year travels, especially backpacking. A lighter pack makes for easier travel and less to worry about.

Here's to the adventure of a lifetime

You're all set! Hopefully we've given you all the tips, tricks and tools to not only have an unforgettablde gap year, but do it with peace of mind and confidence.

Happy travels!