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Savvy travellers can save time and money with annual travel insurance

Your ticket to stress-free adventures, all year-round. Our dedicated Insurance team explain how you can save money and hassle with annual multi-trip insurance.

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Are you always dreaming of your next adventure? Whether it's soaking up the sun on a tropical beach, exploring ancient ruins, or carving up the slopes, once that feeling of wanderlust hits it's difficult to shake.

If you're nodding along, then it's time to talk about something that might not sound as exciting but will help turn those travel dreams into stress-free realities – annual travel insurance. Here's why it deserves a spot in your travel toolkit.

What is annual travel insurance?

Annual travel insurance, sometimes called annual multi-trip insurance, is aimed at the frequent traveller. It covers you for an unlimited number of trips within a year, meaning you're protected whether you're jet-setting every month or planning a couple of getaways. It's the smart, simple choice that saves you the hassle of buying a new policy for every trip.

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Why buy annual multi-trip over single trip?

Imagine this – you're all set for your next adventure. Bags packed, passport in hand, and excitement in the air. But then, life happens. A sudden illness, a lost or delayed suitcase can turn your plans upside down. Annual travel insurance is the safety net that's right there to catch you.

Cost-effective for the frequent traveller

If you travel more than twice a year, annual insurance often works out cheaper than buying a single-trip policy for each individual trip. It's the budget-friendly choice that keeps your wallet happy, letting you splurge on experiences instead of insurance.

Time-saver extraordinaire

With a one-time setup, you're covered for every trip you take in a 12-month period. That means no more last-minute insurance shopping for those impromptu trips, and more time planning your adventures.

Broad coverage, one package

From trip cancellations and medical emergencies to lost luggage and delayed flights, annual travel insurance has your back. It's your year-round travel protection, all wrapped up in one neat package. Just make sure each individual trip doesn't exceed the maximum trip duration on your policy.

How to choose your cover

Picking the right annual travel insurance is like choosing the perfect travel companion – it needs to match your travel style. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Think about where you're going – Does your dream destination have specific risks that need additional cover? Make sure your policy extends to every corner of your map.

Cover for extra activities – Planning some activities with a higher level of associated risk? Make sure you've got that extra level of protection. Trying to improve that golf handicap? Get those clubs covered.

Understand the cancellation cover your policy offers – Look into how cancellation works with your policy. Check if the policy covers events like illness in non-travelling relatives, which might force you to cancel or reschedule your trip.

Medical conditions – If you have any medical conditions, check they're covered, and make sure you declare them. If you don't, any claim you make might be invalid.

Check the policy wording – For a complete rundown of what your travel insurance covers, as well as all policy exclusions, always check the policy wording.

Buy annual travel insurance

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When to buy annual travel insurance

The best time to buy your annual travel insurance? Right after you've booked your first trip of the year. It ensures you're covered for cancellations right from the start, protecting your holiday from day one.

If you're someone whose spirit of adventure carries on year after year, having an annual policy that auto-renews will do the hard work for you. Buy once, and you're set! Just make sure you read your renewal reminder emails to make sure you're still getting the best cover for your needs.

Your passport to hassle-free wanderlust

Think of annual travel insurance as your trusty compass. It guides you through unexpected twists and turns, ensuring you navigate with confidence and peace of mind.

Happy travels, and here's to a year of unforgettable experiences!