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Many travellers struggle with sleeping on coach journeys, this might be due to noise levels, the coach's movements, or the changeable temperature that can often be found on coaches. So we've outlined a few simple ways to help you try to get some much-needed sleep.

How to sleep comfortably on a coach

If you can afford to, booking two seats next to each other is a great way to enjoy some extra space, you may even be able to lay down and get some shut eye. However, if your budget doesn't stretch this far, you should do your best to ensure that your muscles stay relaxed; recline your seat (if possible), remove uncomfortable armrests and lean against the window for support.

Where is the safest place or seat to sleep on a coach?

The best place to sleep on a coach is in the seats in the middle of the vehicle. However, you should avoid sitting over the wheels as this is normally the area that experiences the most movement and can often make people feel nauseated if you're prone to motion sickness. The centre of the vehicle will be less prone to movement in general, allowing you to enjoy an undisturbed sleep.

What can you pack to help you sleep on a coach?

A great to sleep comfortably on a coach is to bring blankets, pillows or cushions. These items will help you to stay warm and comfortable, and will also help to replicate your normal sleeping environment as best as possible.

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