Top 10 destinations for business travellers

Most people enjoy getting out of the office once in a while and doing some travelling. In addition to breaking the office and work monotony, traveling for business offers many opportunities - from gaining extra work experience to establishing new business connections.

When it comes to business traveling, not all cities are equal. This review will seek to establish the top 10 global travel destinations based on travel costs, cultural opportunities and industrial presence.


Chicago is one of the best when it comes to business destinations. The city has a rock-star tech industry scene, a strong media industry and boasts the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. With a vibrant tourist industry and world-class tourist attractions available, you have the perfect excuse to do some exploring in between meetings. The Midwest hub has a thriving arts industry, world-class architecture and some of the best sports teams in the world.

San Francisco

One of the most forward-thinking and creative cities in the world, San Francisco, also known as the 'The City by the Bay' boasts a vibrant technology industry and is home to some of the world's top corporate companies. If you have interests in the technology industry, then San Francisco should be your next destination. In addition, there are some fantastic sites - from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf.

New York

New York remains one of the world's top destinations for business travel. The city, commonly known as The Big Apple is home to America's biggest media corporations, financial institutions as well as communication agencies. The city is one of the easiest places in the world to network with like-minded professionals. In between meetings, one can stroll through Central Park, visit some world-class museums or even pay a visit to Broadway.


Philadelphia has quickly risen to claim a place among the world's top bio-science centers. It also has a well-established foundation for financial and tourism services. The city has a number of historical sites that tell of it's heritage, from the Independence Hall to the cracked Liberty Bell. It's also worth visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as its magnificent Rocky steps.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is arguably one of the world's most iconic destinations, famous for Christ the Redeemer's statue, as well as some of the world's sexiest beaches and most outrageous parties. With many of the largest corporations in South America choosing to setup in Rio de Janeiro, the city is Brazil's hub for communications, media and institutes for higher education.


The city boasts a solid technology industry and has cutting-edge art scene. The sun shines most days, making it a popular destination for conferences. Additionally, the outskirts of the city have some fantastic areas for hiking.


London has been, and remains one of the most affluent cities in the world. In 2015, London was ranked as the most popular travel destination. Arguably, the epicenter of Europe's financial industry, London offers unrivaled access to some of the world's top multinational companies. The city also offers some of the globe's best travel experiences - from the award-winning museums and iconic royal architecture, to the brilliant nightlife and cosmopolitan cuisine.


Toronto, which is located off Lake Ontario, is home to the world's most diverse urban populations. The city has a variety of manufacturing activities and a well-established financial industry and also offers one the best shopping experience in the world. Toronto is home to CN Towers, the tallest structure in the west.

Mexico City

Mexico City is a world leader in pharmaceutical and consumer products. The city also has a rich history which can be experienced at the many sites spread across the city. From the gems of colonial architecture to the Aztec ruins, the city is possibly one of the world's most intriguing business destinations in the world.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of America's top business cities and offers many opportunities for business-minded people. The city has a well-developed computing, technology and outdoor industries. It is also well-known for hiking, skiing and other outdoor sports.

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