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Digital nomad travel insurance

In this digital age, where connecting with people from across the globe has never been easier, it's becoming increasingly popular to combine work with travelling and seeing the world. Digital Nomads are professionals who work location-independent jobs for clients around the globe, using the money they earn to fund their travelling.

An essential part of every digital nomad's preparations should be a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers for emergency medical expenses. Holiday Extras provide a range of excellent travel insurance policies that can meet the needs of any globe-trotting nomad.

Trip durations

Another important thing to consider when taking out a travel insurance policy as a digital nomad, is the trip duration - in other words, the maximum number of days you can stay abroad while your cover is valid. This will vary depending on the policy and you'll need to give special attention to this detail before buying the policy:

Single trip policy:

This kind of policy provides cover for trips lasting up to a maximum of 365 days, and is perfect for nomad travellers who are planning to do some extended travelling without returning home. As the name suggests however, this kind of policy is only valid for a single trip, so if you decide to return home during this time, your cover will finish. Make sure you have the correct cover for the destinations you are travelling to, and have a planned itinerary for your journey.

Annual multi-trip:

This type of policy will cover you for an unlimited number of trips throughout the year. This has its benefits, in that you can return home any time you like during your travels without invalidating your cover. However, you are restricted to the maximum trip duration, which will vary depending on the type of annual policy you buy.

How to become a digital nomad

The path to becoming a digital nomad will vary depending on your existing skills and talents, but there are a few common steps that most digital nomads took to embracing this lifestyle.

    Save some money - it's always wise to have a safety net before striking out into the unknown. Though you won't need to save a vast amount, it's always good to have enough at least to cover your flight to the destination, food and rent expenses for the first month, and enough money to get you back home, should the need arise.

    Reduce loans and unnecessary expenses - the key to making this kind of lifestyle work is having as few financial ties and commitments as possible. Any outstanding car and apartment payments, gym memberships, credit card debts all need to be paid off or cancelled, to free up your income.

    Get rid of excess stuff - Digital nomads, by nature and necessity travel light - so unless you have an extremely generous friend or relative who's willing to let you use their garage or spare room for storage, you're going to get rid of all that excess 'stuff'. Anything that you won't need on the road or for your work, consider selling or donating to the local charity shop.

Once you have simplified these aspects of your life, you'll be in an excellent position to make the move towards location independence and start marketing your skills online.

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