Channel Islands travel insurance

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Since April 1, 2009, travellers to the Channel Islands have been facing the possibility of being liable for any medical expenses accrued during their time on the islands.

The Reciprocal Health Agreement between the UK and the Channel Islands was introduced in 1976, but has this month been revoked after being judged not to offer value for money for the British taxpayer. Henceforth, travellers to the Channel Islands run the risk of incurring expensive medical bills should treatment other than required in an emergency be necessary.

Travellers, therefore, need to make sure their travel insurance covers their needs.

Andrea Clayton, head of insurance at Holiday Extras, said: "With the (UK Government's) revocation of the Reciprocal Health Agreement, British nationals will face having to pay for medical expenses that go beyond accident and emergency treatments.

"Holiday Extras will provide a FREE upgrade on all policies issued before April 1, 2009 to ensure that travellers will not face expensive bills when seeking medical assistance during a Channel Island holiday."

For policies issued after April 1, the Channel Islands will be rated as a European destination.

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