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A name you can rely on

If you’ve stayed at one of their hotels before, you know what you can expect from the Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 5 Airport Hotel: a basic Heathrow hotel with everything you need, but a high standard that seems at odds with the budget price. You don’t expect everything to be thrown into the cost at a Premier Inn, so you only pay for what you need, but you’ll always find the rooms and facilities make some higher-priced hotels look shabby by comparison. The T5 branch is no exception.

As if this wasn’t impressive enough in itself, the hotel is just 1 mile away from Terminal 5 and your flight is just a quick trip on the Heathrow Hoppa bus away. It’s so close that you can see the planes take off and land from some of the rooms. Not that you’d know with the curtains closed as you won’t hear a peep from the airport in your room.

Take them or leave them, the little extras are at hand

If you’re looking for food, the hotel has a cosy pub/restaurant, open throughout the day. Outside of the restaurant hours, there’s a 24-hour Costa right in the lobby for sandwiches and drinks. If you’re pressed for time, there are even vending machines with snacks, drinks and travel essentials, in case you forget something. There’s a charging point where you can pay to leave your mobile, MP3 player or games device if you left your charger behind. The hotel makes sure you have everything you truly need for a low price, then lets you choose what you want to pay for on top, whether it’s a toiletries set or wifi. Either way, it won’t break the bank at £3 for 24 hours of internet access.

If you want to save as many pennies as you can for holiday treats, then the Premier Inn will let you keep track of what you’re spending, without compromising on a great night’s sleep or convenience for getting to the terminal. If you want to be sure of what you’re getting before you buy, this is the hotel for you.

We recommend the Premier Inn Heathrow T5 for:

Great value - For what you’re paying, you’ll find it hard to believe just how comfortable the Premier Inn is.

Planespotting - Just a mile from the terminal and easy to get to, you can’t say the Premier Inn isn’t convenient.

Straightforward food - If all you want is a sandwich and a cup of coffee, or a good plate of fish and chips, for a reasonable price, then the hotel’s restaurants are just what you’re after.

Our customers rated Premier Inn on average 7/10 (16 reviews).