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How expensive is it to travel in Alicante

After you've saved enough money for your flights and accommodation, you'll need to be sure that you have enough left over to allow you to get around Alicante. Before you think about these things, be sure to take advantage of Holiday Extras' convenient and cost-effective airport transfers.

Trains, trams and buses

Alicante Terminal is this port city's central railway station and is located close to Plaza de la Estrella. From here, it's possible to get to a wide range of destinations with relative ease. Take Valencia as an example. Travelling by train to this city usually takes less than two hours. The price of return tickets for two adults and two children starts at around €56 (approximately £48).

Journeying to Valencia from Alicante by bus, meanwhile, is likely to cost the same family in the region of €33 (£28). Travelling time is a little longer, however, with trips taking a minimum of two and a half hours each way.

Alicante is also well served by trams and TRAM Mercat Central is the hub for the city's network of routes. Let's say you want to visit Benidorm, you'll find two services per hour. The journey takes about 70 minutes and return tickets for a family of four should cost about €25 (£22).

Car or cab?

Hiring a car is a good way to maximise your time. A vehicle such as a Volkswagen Polo can cost as little as €25 (£22) for three days. And what about the price of petrol? The average cost of a gallon is about €5 (roughly £4).

Perhaps you're content to get around mainly on foot, with the option of taking a taxi on occasion. In which case, a five-mile trip during a week day is likely to set you back €13 (£11) in a cab.

No matter how you choose to travel in and around this fabulous port city, our Alicante Airport transfers will make sure you get off to the best possible start.

Please note: prices are for guidance purposes only.