Luton Airport Departures

If you're flying from Luton airport, you'll probably have some questions before you go - like where and when do I check in, and how do I book my parking? We've got the answers here for you.

You can even check the status of your flight on this page - just look at the table below, which has live status updates for all Luton airport departures today, or use the filters below to change the date, search by airline and destination. We've also got information about the airline, the plane you'll be flying in, the weather and forecast at your destination and recommended places to visit.

London Luton Airport Departures Guide

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🛬 Luton Airport Arrivals Everything you need to know about Arrivals at Luton, including Luton Pick Up parking.

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Luton Airport Live Departures

June 2023
June 2023
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156 flights departing Luton Airport on 04/06/23.

Filter your results:
Flight Departure
U22303 04/06/23 07:05
FR8144 04/06/23 15:40
U22429 04/06/23 18:40
5F618 04/06/23 23:10
U2621 04/06/23 09:40
U22311 04/06/23 14:35
FR3466 04/06/23 13:00
FR8425 04/06/23 14:10
W62208 04/06/23 20:00
U22313 04/06/23 06:05
U22325 04/06/23 12:50
U22381 04/06/23 08:00
U22531 04/06/23 18:30
W61602 04/06/23 08:35
FR338 04/06/23 14:55
W64302 04/06/23 08:35
U22431 04/06/23 10:45
U22459 04/06/23 07:40
U22521 04/06/23 18:55
U22395 04/06/23 06:25
FR423 04/06/23 17:25
U22537 04/06/23 18:10
U22427 04/06/23 12:25
W61608 04/06/23 21:50
U22337 04/06/23 13:15
U22455 04/06/23 17:30
U22573 04/06/23 06:30
FR3452 04/06/23 17:15
U2625 04/06/23 19:15
U22491 04/06/23 06:05
U22461 04/06/23 12:55
U22483 04/06/23 18:50
U22451 04/06/23 06:40
U27251 04/06/23 20:25
U2603 04/06/23 13:25
W61308 04/06/23 19:45
FR7805 04/06/23 06:45
FR842 04/06/23 08:55
FR3882 04/06/23 20:10
U2639 04/06/23 17:00
BY5724 04/06/23 07:30
FR7807 04/06/23 14:25
U22329 04/06/23 06:00
BY332 04/06/23 17:50
W61006 04/06/23 21:50
U2613 04/06/23 17:55
FR1813 04/06/23 09:55
U22393 04/06/23 14:40
U220 04/06/23 16:05
U22307 04/06/23 20:00
U27832 04/06/23 20:10
U22581 04/06/23 07:15
U22583 04/06/23 12:30
W94467 04/06/23 08:00
U22423 04/06/23 10:25
U22489 04/06/23 07:10
U22437 04/06/23 15:05
U22517 04/06/23 12:10
U22511 04/06/23 15:35
U22633 04/06/23 07:00
W61802 04/06/23 08:00
LY312 04/06/23 09:45
FR331 04/06/23 06:35
U22403 04/06/23 17:25
U22557 04/06/23 15:30
W68002 04/06/23 08:40
U22433 04/06/23 06:05
U216 04/06/23 08:40
U22335 04/06/23 06:00
W93700 04/06/23 06:40
U22519 04/06/23 16:05
W63004 04/06/23 12:55
U2617 04/06/23 19:00
W63002 04/06/23 09:00
U22603 04/06/23 14:00
W67852 04/06/23 21:50
U2635 04/06/23 20:15
W63008 04/06/23 23:30
U22621 04/06/23 07:15
U22493 04/06/23 06:15
U22453 04/06/23 12:05
U22331 04/06/23 12:50
U22575 04/06/23 17:00
U22457 04/06/23 13:05
U22533 04/06/23 06:25
U222 04/06/23 18:05
U22323 04/06/23 07:00
U22635 04/06/23 06:50
U22339 04/06/23 19:20
U22463 04/06/23 18:10
U2609 04/06/23 07:10
FR2144 04/06/23 08:45
FR1640 04/06/23 20:00
U22317 04/06/23 20:15
XQ885 04/06/23 21:40
U2611 04/06/23 13:55
W61002 04/06/23 08:25
W95115 04/06/23 16:25
W61306 04/06/23 14:05
FR339 04/06/23 17:45
W91902 04/06/23 12:25
W94465 04/06/23 18:40
U22425 04/06/23 07:10
U22439 04/06/23 19:00
W64504 04/06/23 21:50
W63754 04/06/23 21:50
W63992 04/06/23 08:45
W63654 04/06/23 21:45
W63504 04/06/23 21:30
U23832 04/06/23 11:10
U22515 04/06/23 07:50
U22513 04/06/23 07:00
LY314 04/06/23 22:40
U2605 04/06/23 14:30
MB724 04/06/23 19:30
U2607 04/06/23 19:25
W94002 04/06/23 16:20
W61302 04/06/23 08:25
W94451 04/06/23 13:55
FR341 04/06/23 22:35
W62206 04/06/23 14:55
W92602 04/06/23 12:00
W92604 04/06/23 17:20
W95125 04/06/23 17:50
W97792 04/06/23 16:35
W95113 04/06/23 14:55
W95175 04/06/23 12:40
W64459 04/06/23 10:30
W95123 04/06/23 15:55
W92502 04/06/23 06:10
W94453 04/06/23 07:45
W62202 04/06/23 08:20
W64502 04/06/23 09:00
W93902 04/06/23 07:10
W93776 04/06/23 06:25
W94493 04/06/23 18:25
FR628 04/06/23 16:10
W95107 04/06/23 06:00
FR3515 04/06/23 06:30
FR8142 04/06/23 06:15
FR6645 04/06/23 16:35
W65002 04/06/23 08:15
W94481 04/06/23 05:55
FR3513 04/06/23 10:15
FR3511 04/06/23 06:35
W92066 04/06/23 05:50
W63006 04/06/23 19:35
W64306 04/06/23 19:25
W63652 04/06/23 08:40
W63302 04/06/23 08:05
W95103 04/06/23 15:25
W94471 04/06/23 07:00
W94499 04/06/23 06:55
W63306 04/06/23 20:50
W63772 04/06/23 20:50
W63616 04/06/23 21:35

Luton Airport Departures - FAQs

Are there flight cancellations at Luton?

You can check the status of all flights at Luton airport, including cancellations, on the official Luton Airport Departures page.

What flights have departed from Luton airport today?

Use our Luton Airport Departure board to see what flights have left Luton airport today. You can also filter by airline and destination.

How long do I need to be at Luton airport before a flight?

Luton airport recommends that you arrive between 2 - 3 hours before your scheduled departure, to give yourself plenty of time to check-in and pass through security.

How early should I get to Luton airport for easyJet?

If you're flying with easyJet, you can check-in and print boarding passes from 30 days and up to 2 hours before your flight departure. The Bag Drop can be used from 2 hours before the departure time.

How long are the queues at Luton airport?

On average you can expect to spend around 15 minutes at check-in and 10 minutes at security and passport control, however during peak periods it can take longer.

Is Luton airport small?

Luton airport is 4th in size out of London's 6 airports. That being said, it's one of the UK's busiest airports, carrying 58 million passengers in the past 5 years.

Is London Luton crowded?

Luton is a busy airport with millions of travellers passing through each month, so it can get quite crowded, especially at peak travel times. However Luton airport works hard to maintain a high level of service.

How long does it take to get through security at Luton?

On average it takes between 10-15 minutes to pass through security at Luton airport. It's always best to factor extra time to pass security though, as there can be unexpected delays.

Can you sleep at Luton airport?

Luton airport is open 24 hours a day and while it's possible you'll find a bench to nap on, you're unlikely to get any quality sleep as the terminal building is noisy, bright and can get cold. Our top tip would be to come equipped with an eye mask, earplugs and plenty of layers. If you're looking for a much more comfortable (and safer) night's sleep, we would recommend Luton airport hotel. There are a brilliant range of hotels to choose from, including some within easy walking distance of the terminal.

What is the busiest time at Luton Airport?

The busiest times at Luton airport are from 5 AM to 9 AM and between 5 PM and 9 PM.

Is it worth paying for Fast Track at Luton airport?

For many people, especially those on a tight time schedule, families with children, and elderly passengers, Luton's Fast Track security is worth paying for as it speeds up the journey between the public Departures area and security.

What airlines are based at Luton airport?

Airlines operating from Luton airport include:

  • Blue Air - A low cost airline based in Romania that flies to 48 destinations in 12 European countries including Greece, Italy, France, and Germany.
  • easyJet - One of Europe's largest airlines known for budget prices and convenience. easyJet flies to 149 destinations globally.
  • EL AL Israel Airlines - EL AL is the national airline of Israel and offers affordable flights to 50 destinations globally.
  • FLYONE - Founded in 2015, the fast expanding FLYONE is a low-cost airline offering flights to 12 European countries.
  • Ryanair - With competitive prices and an impressive network of European airports, Ryanair is one of the largest and most popular airlines today.
  • SunExpress - This Turkish-German airline operates direct flights to 83 destinations globally.
  • TUI / First Choice - TUI / First Choice is the home of all inclusive holidays and flights to over 80 worldwide destinations
  • Wizz Air - This ultra-low-cost airline offers cheap flights to more than 140 destinations.

Can you take your own food on a plane Luton airport?

You can bring solid foods such as crisps and chocolate through security and onto the plane. Liquids like soup or yoghurts will need to be under the 100 ml limit. Any food you buy in Departures, after security, can be taken on the plane.

What is the postcode for Luton airport?

If you're using Sat Nav, use the postcode LU2 9QT to get to Luton airport.

What shops are in Luton airport departures?

There's a great selection of shops in the Departures lounge at Luton airport, including high street stores such as Boots, WH Smith, Next, JD Sports plus Aelia Duty Free which boasts a range of high-end brands.

Does Luton airport have a smoking area?

There's a designated sheltered smoking zone outside the Departures area. It's the only place where smoking is permitted at Luton airport.

Don't see your question here?

Why not check out our Luton Airport FAQ hub to see if you can find the answer you're looking for. Browse FAQs at LTN on parking, airport facilities & more.


Luton Airport Departures Overview


Check-in is on the ground floor of the terminal. You should check with your airline how early you need to arrive. Luton airport advises getting there at least two hours before your flight, and we’d second this, particularly as there are sometimes problems with traffic congestion as you approach the terminal.

Baggage allowance

Passengers flying from Luton airport are only allowed one item of hand luggage, except those flying with El Al, who are allowed two pieces. The maximum size varies depending on your airline, so check with them.

Large electrical items like laptops and hairdryers need to be taken out of your hand baggage and screened separately. A laptop in its case would count as one item of hand baggage. Liquids, pastes and gels can only be carried in hand luggage if they are in containers of 100ml or less; they must go in the hold if the container is bigger than that. Liquids must be taken out of your hand luggage and carried through security separately in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

For more information, see our Luton airport luggage and security page.

Book Luton airport parking and hotels

Pre-book your Luton airport parking in advance and save up to 70% off standard parking rates. Choose from low-cost Park and Rides with FREE shuttles such as Airparks and APH, plus hassle-free, Holiday Extras approved, Meet and Greet options like Purple Parking and Maple Parking. Luton airport parking prices start from just £31.49 for 7 days when you book with Holiday Extras.

We also have an excellent range of Luton airport hotels, including packages with parking, so that you can enjoy a relaxing night's sleep knowing you're just a short transfer or walk away from check-in. Browse well-known chains such as Holiday Inn, Premier Inn, Ibis, Hilton and more. Room only prices start from just £29 and hotels with parking included start from £55.

Luton Airport Drop Off /Pick Up

If you're dropping off / picking up someone from Luton airport you have a few parking options to choose from:

  • Want to park as close to the terminal as possible? Opt for the Drop off / Pick Up Zone or Terminal Car Park 1.
  • Want to park for FREE? Head to the Mid Stay or Long Stay car park.
Luton Airport Drop Off / Pick Up Options & Charges
Car Park Duration Price*
Luton Mid Stay 15 mins
Up to 30 mins
Luton Long Stay 1 hour
2 hours
Drop Off / Pick Up Zone 10 mins
Every min thereafter

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