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Our top 10 destinations...

...if you've not had both jabs

Plenty of places are open for a holiday

Holidays are easy again, and while it's easier to head out if you've had both vaccinations there's lots of places open if you haven't, or can't, get the jab.

We round up ten of our favourites, starting with four classic destinations that are all popular for citybreaks, beach holidays and late-season sun alike.

1. Croatia

Famous now as the set of Kings Landing, Dubrovnik makes a great citybreak, and the warm Adriatic coast is a tempting alternative to the better-known beach resorts of Greece or Turkey.

What are the rules to get in?

Croatia treats vaxxed and unvaxxed visitors from the UK just the same - you need to take a either an antigen test 48 hours before you land or a PCR test no more than 72 hours before you land.

What about kids?

Children under twelve are exempt from testing; children over 12 need a test to come in.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

2. Spain

Consistently the UK's most popular destination, Spain has it all - Barcelona, Madrid or Seville for a long weekend or Mediterranean coast for a beach holiday.

What are the rules to get in?

Spain accepts either proof of vaccination or a PCR (or equivalent) test taken 72 hours before you land

What about kids?

Under 12s are exempt; 12 and over will need a negative test or proof of vaccination

Seville in Spain

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3. Portugal

Portugal was the first green list destination open this year and has remained a firm favourite throughout 2021 for its warm welcome for visiting Brits.

What are the rules to get in?

Mainland Portugal accepts either proof of vaccination, an antigen test taken 48 hours before you set off or a PCR test taken 72 hours before you set off.

What about kids?

Children up to 11 are exempt - 11 and up need a test or proof of vaccination.


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4. Turkey

Very recently coming off the red list, Turkey is open to visitors again, and like all our top destinations offers a combination of beach or city break depending for every taste.

What are the rules to get in?

Turkey recently came off the UK's red list, and accepts proof of vaccination or negative PCR test no more than 72 hours old.

What about kids?

Turkey does not appear to exempt children of any age from the testing requirements.


Want to know more about Turkey?

What are the rules for coming back to the UK now?

While much of Europe is open to travellers from the UK who haven't had the jab, from October 4 getting back to the UK from anywhere becomes more complicated, because there are no longer green list destinations, just a "rest of the world" list that follows the old amber rules.

So while Spain or Portugal are happy for you to come in with just a test even if you don't have proof of vaccination, to get back to the UK you'll need a pre-departure test, to have booked day 2 and day 8 PCR tests, and be ready to self-isolate for 10 days (or potentially as little as five if you pay for test to release).

We work with a number of Covid test providers and can recommend the right test for every trip.

5. Albania

"Europe's last unturned stone", Albania is close but exotic - a great combination if the last couple of years have left you itching for adventure.

What are the rules to get in?

Albania accepts proof of vaccination, antigen test or PCR test.

What about kids?

Visitors six and above follow the adult rules, so if you're taking the family they'll need tests too.


6. The Maldives

A proper tropical beach paradise, head here for a week or two in the lap of absolute sundrenched luxury.

What are the rules to get in?

Tourists visiting the Maldives much present a negative PCR test no more than 96 hours (four days) old, and tourists are not subject to quarantine.

What about kids?

The Maldives does not appear to offer any testing exemption for children.


7. Morocco

Surprisingly close just on the other side of the Med, Marrakech is a fascinating citybreak keen to welcome visitors back.

What are the rules to get in?

Morocco accepts negative PCR tests no more than 72 hours old, and it;s not clear whether they accept the NHS proof of vaccination so visitors, vaccinated or otherwise, probably need the same test to get in.

What about kids?

Children under 11 are exempt.


8. Belize

Virtually the only spot in South America currently open for a hassle-free break, this pocket-sized, Anglophone Caribbean nation boasts its own barrier reef, some of the best watersports on earth and Mayan ruins.

What are the rules to get in?

Belize requires all visitors, vaccinated or no, to present a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours old.

What about kids?

Under 5s are exempt from tests to enter.


Where do we not recommend for unvaccinated travellers?

Much of the world outside Europe, with some notable exceptions, is either closed if you haven't had both jabs or requires lengthy, impractical or expensive quarantine. A handful of places are on the UK's red list, and not practical for a holiday either. And a few places are nominally open to visitors, even without the jab, but havbe such onerous restrictions on drinking, dining and other social activities that we don't recommend visiting them for the moment.

In Europe, for example, France and Germany only admit unvaccinated travellers for urgent reasons, and Ireland requires two weeks of self-isolation ona arrival.

Greece is open to unvaccinated visitors, but with most drinking and dining restricted to people able to prove their vaccination status it may not be viable, unless you're happy to self-cater or are looking for a purely outdoor adventure.

All that said - most holidays are to just one country, so with at least ten options available, we hope there's something to suit everyone!

Finally - two island archipelagos at the southern tip of Europe, both with practically guaranteed weather, both with European standards of hospitality and both heavily invested in tourism so keen to have visitors back this winter. And, of course, both happy to see British visitors with just a negative test regardless of their vaccination status.

9. Madeira and the Azores

Two Portuguese island resorts out in the warm waters of the North Atlantic, both are open to visitors without the jab.

What are the rules to get in?

Both destinations admit visitors with a negative PCR test.

What about kids?

Madeira exempts children up to the age of 11; the Azores up to the age of 12.


10. The Canaries

Britain's most popular winter sun getaway every single year.

What are the rules to get in?

Like the rest of Spain, tourists are welcome with a negative PCR test.

What about kids?

Under 12s are exempt.


Where else can I go?

These are just our top ten suggestions. Plenty of other places are open, even if you're not double-vaccinated. We haven't even mentioned Gibraltar, Jordan or Lebanon, and new places are opening up every day.