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Germany Travel Guide

Germany is a country full of history and culture and whether you're enjoying the nightlife in the cities, celebrating Oktoberfest or skiing in the alps, you're guaranteed a great trip.

Practical Info

What time zone is Germany in?

GMT +2

What currency do they use in Germany?

Euro EUR

What language do they speak in Germany?


What power adapters do you need for Germany?

Type C & F

What is the average flight time to Germany?

1- 2 Hours

Culture and etiquette


Christianity is the largest relgion practised in Germany, this is largely made up of Latin Catholics. Other religions are practised including Islam, Judaism and Hinduism.


Do you need tip in Germany? Tipping in bars and restuarants is the standard 10% you'd expect in the UK and tipping is appreciated as part of the culture - it's considered "drink money" or Trinkgeld.


Smoking is prohibited in federal institutions, public transport and stations. It is also widely prohibited in public areas and buildings but this can vary by state.

Language 101

German is the main language across the country. The locals appreciate it if you make the effort to learn a few key phrases and words to help immerse yourself in the culture and authentically enjoy all the things to do.

Hello - Hello (Hallo) or Guten Tag! (formal - meaning 'Hello! Good Day!)

Goodbye - Tschüss (informal) or Auf Wiedersehen (formal 'See you again')

Yes - Ja or Jawohl

No - Nein

Please - bitte

Thank you - Danke schön

My name is... - Ich heiße ... (pronounced heisse)

I don't understand - Ich verstehe nicht

Do you speak English? - sprichst du Englisch?

Jabs, visas and other advice

For up-to-date advice on jabs, visas and other foreign advice, we recommend following the government's website

Emergency numbers

In an emergency the number to call is 112.

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Travel Guides

From Berlin's UNESCO's world heritage sites, opera houses, museums and nightlife to Hamburg??s waterfronts, concert halls and miniature model railways, the cities are full of life, culture and history.

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