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As Ireland's national carrier since 1936, Aer Lingus boasts a legacy airline of low-cost travel. It's a flight you wouldn't want to miss and we don't want you to either so we've created a live flight tracker.


It's personalised to you and your journey, you can keep up to date on your flight status and to get the holiday jitters started early, we've included a holiday countdown right to the second of take-off.

April 2021
April 2021
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26 Aer Lingus flights departing on 21/04/21.

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Flight Departure
EI8307 21/04/21 17:05
EI930 21/04/21 07:40
EI3402 21/04/21 13:15
EI178 21/04/21 18:00
EI3408 21/04/21 18:50
EI3204 21/04/21 12:25
EI3208 21/04/21 18:55
EI154 21/04/21 07:30
EI6995 21/04/21 12:55
EI105 21/04/21 13:00
EI123 21/04/21 12:30
EI155 21/04/21 09:50
EI8799 21/04/21 17:05
EI8915 21/04/21 18:30
EI931 21/04/21 09:50
EI8306 21/04/21 14:45
EI8893 21/04/21 14:10
EI179 21/04/21 20:35
EI8895 21/04/21 10:00
EI8879 21/04/21 16:30
EI8969 21/04/21 16:10
EI8993 21/04/21 17:00
EI8987 21/04/21 14:15
EI8749 21/04/21 15:30
EI8909 21/04/21 14:00
EI3671 19/04/21 11:45
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Since setting off on their first passenger flight in 1936, Aer Lingus is Ireland's oldest and most trusted airline. Their carriers reach destinations across the globe from Europe to North Africa, Asia, and North America departing from airports across the UK.

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