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Reviews for Short Stay 3

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 2672

no issues perfect

10 out of 10Short Stay 3

Barriers recognised number plate and found a space easily.

10 out of 10Short Stay 3

Barrier broke at East Midlands upon our return! Pressed buzzer and over 45 mins before anyone came

1 out of 10Short Stay 3

Fantastic service throughout.

10 out of 10Short Stay 3

Not exactly… on exit of the short stay car park I was asked to pay £180 before I could leave… even thou I’d pre booked my space a week before.

5 out of 10Short Stay 3

It went very well the only disagreement is when we booked parking it did not looked like it went through and we got no confirmation so we did it again and it went through .The next day we realised the mistake after we received a message saying there was a double booking and did we want to cancel one of the parking slots which we said yes.How ever you would not refund the payment on my card but you gave me a voucher for that amount.Due to the economic climate now we might be able to afford another holiday for a couple of years in the circumstances I feel like we should of been given the choice of a refund.

8 out of 10Short Stay 3

Easy to book online. Entered and left the car park without problem. No need to seek help from staff

10 out of 10Short Stay 3

Easy to book, no issues with the parking.

10 out of 10Short Stay 3

Staff helpful, booked over the phone. Unfortunately car registration was left as TBC which I didn’t notice on the booking confirmation and caused issue at the ANPR airport car park!

7 out of 10Short Stay 3

Simple booking process Arrived at car park, barrier lifted. Returned from holiday car was as we left it. Drove out barrier lifted -fantastic

10 out of 10Short Stay 3