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AirAsia reports sales boom on London departures

Low fare airline AirAsia has been flying in the face of the recession by announcing sales of over 75,000 for its London to Kuala Lumpur flight route just six month after its launch.

An announcement from the airline states that the route from London Stansted had recorded load factors at over 85%, with low-cost long-haul travel proving an overwhelming success with British travellers.

AirAsia X's CEO, Azran Osman-Rani, said: "The surging demand for the London-KL route is testament to the fact that there is a strong appetite for low-cost, long-haul travel despite the tough economic conditions. Many people are realising that they can take their dream holiday to exotic destinations in South East Asia or even take the trip of a lifetime to Australia, for as much as they would usually spend on a holiday Europe - especially considering the strength of the euro at the moment.

"The success of this route, and indeed the other long-haul routes we have launched from Kuala Lumpur recently, including Abu Dhabi in the Middle East and Chengdu in China, prove that the long-haul low-cost model can work effectively. Our model hinges on the extensive multi-hub route network and means that we are able to offer the same connectivity as a normal legacy network carrier, but without the cost and complications of running a traditional hub."


AirAsia X has recently advertised flights between London and Kuala Lumpur at prices ranging from £149-£199, a factor fundamental to the success of the route.

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September 14, 2009