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Reviews for Short Stay 1

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 166

advice- don't leave ticket in the car window as print fades and machine cannot read it. staff excellent and barrier was soon raised for me but it did hold up people behind me.

10 out of 10Short Stay 1

Easy to book

10 out of 10Short Stay 1

When parking at Exter, explain you need to collect a ticket. No number plate recognition for the barrier. On returning to the parking bay, you also need to obtain another ticket to get out of the car park.

10 out of 10Short Stay 1

Easy peasy. Drive to carpark.. the camera automatically scans registration plate, barrier opens, park car. On way home out ticket in barrier opens. Leave car park. Easy, value for money, nonhassle. Perfect

10 out of 10Short Stay 1

When I got to the car park it didn't recognise my number plate. I had to call for assistance. Return leaving I couldn't get out. luckily I had printed off to say I have paid.

8 out of 10Short Stay 1

Excellent airport parking right opp the arrivals doors

10 out of 10Short Stay 1

Appalling service. We booked parking through your site. Arrived at the airport for them to have no record of our booking and the first thing they asked was if we had booked with holiday extras as this has been happening a lot. It was a really poor start to a long awaited holiday. I'd rather just book direct with airports now as suggested by the airport employee as this is the second time using a intermediary service. Shambolic.

1 out of 10Short Stay 1

Everything went like clockwork.

9 out of 10Short Stay 1

Everything went very smoothly with no problems. Couldn’t have been easier!

10 out of 10Short Stay 1

Was very easy . Exeter airport short stay 1 . Car registration was recognised on entering. And welcomed me with good morning Mr Elson . We parked up . A week later as we were leaving we put our ticket in the machine and it recognised our car again and let us out . No problems and easy !

10 out of 10Short Stay 1