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Reviews for Car Park 1

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 5292

Car Park I had reserved was closed. Only option available was car park 5 which was time consuming to locate an available space and a bus ride away from the terminal. I had deliberately picked the original car park so I could avoid both of these issues. Especially a problem as I was landing late in the evening after a long day. Contacted Holiday Extra's who said it would be 30+ days before I can get a refund. Leaving me out of pocket having to pay for 2 car parks

1 out of 10Car Park 1

Took 45 mins driving up an down the carpark before we found a space. We phoned customer services but no help passing us on to other departments. Once we got parked was great.

7 out of 10Car Park 1

easy to book. No issues with location..

9 out of 10Car Park 1

Very straightforward; all instruction clear and concise

10 out of 10Car Park 1

Easy access to car park close to terminal No problems on exit

10 out of 10Car Park 1

What a great service. We booked car park one so that we didn’t have too far to walk with our luggage, you are literally 2 minutes walk away from departures. Our flight home was delayed for three hours but we had no problems leaving the car park and there was no extra charges.

10 out of 10Car Park 1

Everything went well no stress at all

10 out of 10Car Park 1

Pulled up to the airport car park and my registration was immediately recognised and admitted. On return we went to exit and again my registration was recognised and the barrier lifted to allow us to leave. Absolutely seamless.

10 out of 10Car Park 1

Process is fine, used it many times; it was a late booking but essentially ridiculously need for penalising customers for booking near to the parking date

8 out of 10Car Park 1

A little over priced. Same space in April was almost half the price!

9 out of 10Car Park 1