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Aberdeen Britannia Hotel Reviews

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  • Average customer rating: 8 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 528

Got home and was charged £100 for not registering my car in the hotel car-park. This has made the stay not very good.

1 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

Transfer minibus back was a no show for 45+ mins. Repeated calls to Britannia not answered. Out of hours number said to go to a West car park - it was dark and raining so we turned back after yards, minibus scheduled to be there 20 past hour, it was 22 mins past and it left without stopping even though we saw it and tried to stop it. Another minibus from a hotel and spa tried texting the driver, calling Britannia, etc, no and and he took pity on us and brought us here. Staff at hotel said only 2 on Reception so they were not able to answer and transfer minibus had been back to the hotel and left again. Email addres given for complaint, nothing else. As it's so late, booked to stay the night as I want to look over my car in daylight.

4 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

Positives: We had a lovely Prosecco in the bar. We were so grateful that none of the TVs had the sound on. The room was clean. The car was fine when we returned. Negatives: There was no free WiFi in the bedroom. We had to do the very long and difficult process of checking in for our flights online, submitting Covid certificates etc in the public area, which had constant music and purple lighting. The weather was hot and in the bedroom we could find no air-con, fan, opening window or temperature control. In the bar, TVs were everywhere - why? It would be so much better without them. People would have conversations, instead of staring at screens like zombies. On our return after the holiday, there was no pick-up bus from 11.30 to 12.50 for Terminal 2. We had been travelling for over twelve hours overnight and arrived at 11.35, so had to wait till 12.50. The bus did not come. Another driver arrived at 12.55 and said that our bus driver had got lost - it was his first day. He had to phone, find where he was, and give him instructions. He finally arrived, but did not put the step down in the vehicle - I managed to climb in and out with difficulty!

8 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

Helpful staff. Some different types of customers. It's a shame the Happy Hour has stopped.

9 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

It went perfectly. The staff were great and the meal was very nice. The car was secure and the airport shuttle worked perfectly. We will certainly be using them again.

10 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

The carpet was dirty. The room was extremely hot. The car got damaged whilst parked and the hotel have not answered the phone or my emails about it.

1 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

The hotel wasn't good really, dirty and very dated

3 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

Everything went well, the hotel was basic but absolutely fine for what we needed!

10 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

Dirty and very dated. None of us slept. An utter waste of money

1 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel

Very good Worked well

8 out of 10Britannia Airport Hotel