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If you're lucky enough to be staying at the Sheraton Skyline Heathrow this summer, you'll be able to take advantage of the newly refurbished Sky Garden.

One of the highlights of this luxurious hotel, the Sky Garden features an indoor tropical heated swimming poll, palm trees and cocktail bar serving delicious food.

Jirayr Kececian, General Manager of the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, said: “We are thrilled that the replacement of the Sky Garden roof is now complete and that the venue is back open for the summer months. The Sky Garden offers a unique experience in London...”

The Sheraton Skyline Hotel is located just minutes away from London Heathrow Airport terminals 1, 3 and 5 by shuttle bus and within easy reach of Terminal 4 by taxi.

Flying out of, or in to Heathrow, passengers can enjoy a relaxing break from their travels. The 4-star hotel provides stylish and comfortable guest rooms, a choice of eateries, 24-hour access to the gymnasium and web access at Link@Sheraton in the lobby.

Room at the Heathrow Sheraton Skyline Hotel with up to eight days holiday parking from £86.25*, with up to 15 days parking from £97.75*

*Please note: This price is correct for bookings searched on May 14, 2009. Prices are subject to change. Book the Heathrow Sheraton Skyline Hotel in advance to get the best price and availability.