Mid Stay Parking at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh, EH12 9DN

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keep keys
8 minutes
to the airport
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Mid Stay at Edinburgh airport is the perfect car park for those looking to balance cost and convenience. Not only is Mid Stay parking excellent value for money, you also get to skip the hassle of transfers as you're just a 5-8 minute walk away from the terminal. For peace of mind you keep hold of your keys with this package and, as an official car park, you can be rest assured that your car will be well looked after with top security measures like CCTV and regular patrols.

Reasons to book M

  • The terminal is an 8-minute walk away â€' transfers aren't needed.
  • You get to keep your keys while you're away.
  • 24/7 security and CCTV means your car is secured while you're gone.

Arrival at M

- Pull up to the barrier and your numberplate will be read by the ANPR system.
- You'll be issued with a ticket showing your registration and booking details, and the barrier will lift to let you enter the car park. If you have any difficulties, please press the call button for help.
- Find a space and make a note of the zone you have parked in.
- Keep hold of your keys and make the 8-minute walk to the terminal.

Getting to and from Edinburgh airport

Getting to the airport:

The airport is an 8-minute walk away. Just follow the signs to Departures.

Getting back to the car park:

Collect your luggage and follow signs for the car park. Find your car and exit the car park.

On your return to M

- Collect your luggage and make your way back to the car park, following the signs.
- Drive your car up to the exit barrier where your numberplate will be read by the ANPR system and the barrier will lift.

More information

M Address

Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh,

EH12 9DN

Longitude -3.36316
Latitude    55.94837