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keep keys
2 minutes
to the airport
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Get your trip off to a fuss-free start by leaving your car at Edinburgh airport's Terminal Surface car park. Not only are you just a 2 minute walk from check-in, you're able to stay in complete control of your parking; choose your space and keep hold of your keys. As an official Edinburgh airport car park, Terminal Surface is equipped with great security features including CCTV, regular patrols and fencing for peace of mind while you're away. Book this convenient Edinburgh airport parking package, for a price that will make your wallet happy, with Holiday Extras.

Simply park and walk to the terminal in a couple of minutes. Transfers are not required as it is so close and you can keep hold of your car keys.

When you arrive at the car park:

1. Drive up to the barrier and your number plate will be recognised. You will be given a ticket with your registration and booking details on and the barrier will open.
2. Park in an available space and take a note of the zone, so it's easy to find on your return.
3. Walk over to the terminal which takes 2 minutes.[/b]

Getting to the terminal:

Transfers aren't needed as it is a 2-minute walk to get to the terminal.


- Fencing
- Regular staff patrols
- Entry and exit barriers
- Holds the Park Mark award


The car park has spaces for blue badge holders and also offer free special assistance if needed.

When you get back to the car park:

1. When you come back, walk back to the car park and collect your car.
2. Drive to the exit barrier and insert your ticket. 3. The barrier will lift to let you out.

Getting to and from Edinburgh airport

Getting to the airport:

It's just a 2-minute walk to the terminal from the car park.

Getting back to the car park:

Collect your luggage and walk back to the car park to collect your car.

Terminal Surface Parking At Edinburgh Airport Address

Terminal Parking car park,
Edinburgh Airport,
EH12 9DN

Longitude -3.36207
Latitude    55.9473