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Airport Lounge FAQs

What are airport lounges?

Airport lounges are places where passengers can escape the hustle and bustle of the busy Departures areas. As well as a relaxing atmosphere, airport lounges also offer perks such as free drinks, food, reading materials, free Wi-Fi and many will have an entertainment area.

Can I arrive at an airport lounge earlier than three hours before my flight?

Unfortunately you can only book into an airport lounge up to three hours before your flight is due to leave. Guests who arrive before their time slot could be refused access into the lounge.

Can I turn up at the lounge without pre-booking?

Customers can turn up at most lounges without pre-booking, but we always recommend pre-booking to guarantee a space, as lounges often get fully booked.

Can I sleep in an airport lounge?

Airport lounges are great places to get a little shut eye thanks to the comfy seating and general quietness, and some might even have dedicated sleeping pods. However, most lounges don't stay open overnight so aren't the right choice if you're looking to get a full night's sleep.

How do I access the airport lounge?

At Holiday Extras, simply enter your travel dates and browse the lounges available. Once you've booked we'll send you a confirmation email which will include all the need-to-know information along with your pass so you glide into the airport lounge without any hassle.

Is food free in airport lounges?

Yes, airport lounges usually provide free food and drinks.

Can I take my children into an airport lounge?

Some lounges do allow children whereas others unfortunately do not. It's always best to check before pre-booking. Contact us and we'll be happy to check this for you.

Can I wear trainers in an airport lounge?

Most airport lounges have a dress code. Some lounges will allow you to wear smart trainers but this is at their discretion. Contact us and we'll be happy to check this for you.

Are alcoholic drinks included in the price of an airport lounge?

Yes - alcoholic drinks are included in the price. Champagne usually costs extra and you can pay for it at the lounge.

If I'm in the lounge, how will i know when to board my plane?

All lounges have flight information screens as well as tannoy announcements, so you'll be kept up to date.