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Jerome Danglidis - CEO Continental Europe, Holiday Extras GmbH - Photo

Holidays are back and we're here to help!

While travel was on hold we've upgraded our service to get you the help you need in lightning-quick time. We're back and faster than ever. Our team is ready to help in any way we can - the easiest way to reach us is by live chat (check our opening times). Or if something has gone wrong and you'd like to give us some feedback, get in touch with our dedicated customer team and we'll look into it for you.

We've worked hard on our flexibility and introduced FLEXTRAS - if you buy your holiday extras from Holiday Extras, you'll be getting the most flexible terms anywhere. We're also investing heavily in our app with a big focus on HEHA! - The Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant which makes it even easier and even faster to search, book and save.

You're welcome to email me about anything at all - ideas, suggestions and feedback. I read every email and will make sure your query is swiftly actioned with the right people. If needed I'll follow up in person too.

Thanks for choosing Holiday Extras. Wishing you safe and happy travels.

Jerome Danglidis

CEO Continental Europe, Holiday Extras GmbH

My journey so far...

It has been phenomenal, intense but utmost rewarding. I started working for Holiday Extras in September 2015. When I first started, I did not know what I was embarking on. I had not heard of Holiday Extras before.

This organization resembles my personal values. It is forward thinking and moves quickly. It puts the customer (internal as well external) at the heart of what we do and that is not just a saying.

The unique thing about Holiday Extras is the sheer sense of camaraderie. Everyone here is genuine, professional as they are nice. Whether we are strategizing, cranking out some killer content, we do it collectively with a great sense of joy, commitment and pride, and that to me represents a great company. It's all about having fun while you work hard. Otherwise, what is the point?

Life before Holiday Extras

Early on I got to travel and live in many places abroad through my parent's international assignments. I got to live in Egypt, Kuwait, U.A.E., Canada, U.S.A, Korea, France, England, Switzerland and Monaco. Your perspective and values do get challenged and you grow as a person. You develop attitudes and perspectives that are uniquely your own, not one's you inherited by being born in a certain country. If you plant yourself in another social construct, you'll inherently develop a global perspective, start to see the world and life itself through the lens of another culture and value system. You also deal with foreign language being abroad. Even a low level of fluency in another language makes you communicate with thousands of people who were previously inaccessible.

I got my master in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and Data Processing from the Wiesbaden University. I held various managerial positions in the airline, cruise, tour operator, luxury and consulting industries. The opportunities I have been given I am incredibly grateful for - they are tapping into all the skills that I have brought with me to my current role at Holiday Extras.

Real Life

I work in Munich, however live with my wife Tina, our twins Julia and Alexander, our Maltese dog Emma and our cat Charlie north of Frankfurt.

When I am not working, my goal has been to put my family first to keep our tight knot relationship a priority. Building our relationship with the kids is something Tina and I strive to do because before you know it, they'll be all grown up doing their own things.

We frequently travel to North America and Asia. Every other year however, we visit my in-laws who live on a lac in Finland. It is our favorite physical and mental getaway. We go fishing, hiking and every day bathing in a sauna.

We often don't realise the amount of noise we're subjected to. The feeling of total tranquility and the cleanest air let you supercharge your batteries.

A scenic view of Lake Keitele in the heart of Finland

Hiking and fishing near Jyväskylä, Finland