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The best choice deals for car parking at Edinburgh Airport (EDI) from only £5.50 per day or £43.99 per week. -

At Edinburgh Airport, Holiday Extras saves you even more than at most UK airport when you book in advance. Cut the cost of Edinburgh Airport parking by up to 80% vs prices you would pay on the day. Get the best price on car parks including NCP Scotpark and Low Cost Parking.

We only work with trusted operators to ensure your parking experience is safe, secured and simple. In addition, all of our packages are covered by our Never Beaten on Price Guarantee so you can be sure you'll never be out of pocket.

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Edinburgh Airport Parking Options

All of the cheapest and best car parks at Edinburgh airport are here under our virtual roof, meaning you don't have to stress about shopping around. We only work with trusted operators so you can book with peace of mind that you'll be just a short distance from the airport and your car will be well looked after. Browse below, including reviews and video guides, or enter your dates to compare live prices.

Car ParkPrice p/dPrice p/w
Low CostMapVideoReviews£5.50*£43.99*
Secure Airparks Early BirdMapPhotosVideoReviews£6.87*£54.99*
PremiAir Main Car Park 1MapVideoReviews£7.00*£55.99*
Business ValetMapPhotosReviews
Flying ScotMapVideoReviews
Long StayMapPhotosReviews
Maple Parking Edinburgh Meet and GreetMapVideoReviews
Meteor Meet and GreetMapReviews
Mid StayMapPhotosReviews
NCP ScotparkMapPhotosReviews
Park and FlyMapPhotosReviews
Park and Fly Meet and GreetMapPhotosReviews
Plane ParkingMapPhotosReviews
Plane Parking Meet and GreetMapPhotosReviews
PremiAir Main Car Park 1 Rugby SpecialMapReviews
Purple Parking Meet and Greet
Terminal Multi StoreyMapPhotosReviews
Terminal SurfaceMapPhotosReviews

*The price per week is the total cost of this car parking for 8 days. The price per day refers to the same product and period, divided by 8.

Some quick Edinburgh airport parking recommendations

On the hunt for the cheapest Edinburgh airport parking? NCP Scotpark consistently offers the lowest prices throughout the year, starting at just £2.56 per day. Looking for the closest car park to Edinburgh airport? Secure Airparks boasts the quickest transfer time, taking just 2 minutes to reach the terminal. Curious to know what customers like you have been choosing? Low Cost Parking is our most popular car park and it's easy to see why. Enjoy top notch security, speedy transfers and prices that won't break the bank.

Compare our best parking at Edinburgh Airport deals:

The table below will help you compare our top deals on cheap airport parking at Edinburgh; please be aware that prices are always subject to change. Booking your parking in advance is one of the best ways to make a great saving on an Edinburgh Airport car park.

Cheap Edinburgh Airport Parking from £20.48*

Parking at Edinburgh Airport
EDI Airport Car Parks Transfer Holiday Extras price
EDI Airport Car Parks Transfer Holiday Extras price
NCP Scotpark Edinburgh Airport 5-minute shuttle £20.48
Flying Scot Parking Edinburgh Airport 3-minute shuttle £38.99
Low Cost Parking Edinburgh Airport 6-minute shuttle £38.99
PremiAir Main Edinburgh Airport 3-minute shuttle £43.99
Secure Airparks Edinburgh Airport 2-minute shuttle £43.99
Secure Airparks Electric Charge 2-minute shuttle £43.99

*The prices in these tables are for 8 day's parking and are provided as a guide price only.

Electric car charging

Have you got an electric car?

If you have an electric vehicle, there are electric car charging points at Secure Airparks. Check out our Airport Electric Car Charging page for lots more info.

How to get your cheap parking at Edinburgh Airport:

  • Step 1. Enter your holiday dates at the top of the page
  • Step 2. Don't put the kettle on, you won't have time before our super fast results page pops up full of excellent Edinburgh Airport parking deals
  • Step 3. Have a look at all the offers available, these are our very best prices on parking at Edinburgh Airport for your specific dates
  • Step 4. Pick the car park that's best for your, whether that's close to the terminal or the cheapest one
  • Step 5. Click "Book now"
  • Step 6. Pay using our secure payment service and wait for your confirmation email
  • Step 7. Put the kettle on, you're all done and one step closer to holiday bliss

Reviews for Edinburgh Airport Parking

Our Edinburgh airport parking is rated 90% by 11435 guests

Below is a sample of reviews. For our complete collection of customer reviews, visit our Edinburgh airport parking reviews page.

Bit of difficulty getting into car park at Edinburgh Airport. Could not find booking for Premair 2 car park so directed to car park. When arrived found booking for car park 2 by this time so redirected back. Comedy cuts.

Mr Mctavish, 12 Sep, 2022 (4 out of 5)

We drove from Glasgow to Edinburgh and parked our car in the green section of the Premiere 1 car park, for our flight to Tenerife. And we took the courtesy bus from there to the airport. When we returned we took the courtesy bus from the airport to the car park and everything went very smoothly.

Mr Alexander, 10 Sep, 2022 (5 out of 5)

Very happy with our booking at Premier Air at Edinburgh airport. Only suggestion is better information about shuttle buses to and from the airport.

Mrs Collins, 08 Sep, 2022 (4.5 out of 5)

Super handy to Edinburgh airport. Lovely, helpful staff. Very straightforward from booking right through to leaving the car park.

Mrs Reynolds, 06 Sep, 2022 (5 out of 5)

Great easy parking at Edinburgh airport. Have used Holiday extras many times before - so so easy to arrange what services you need for each trip.

Mrs Blakeburn, 01 Sep, 2022 (5 out of 5)

Edinburgh Airport Parking - FAQs

How much does it cost to park at Edinburgh airport?

Prices for airport parking at Edinburgh fluctuate throughout the year, and vary based on what type of parking you're after. We currently have deals starting from just £2.84 per day or £22.75 per week.

Compare Edinburgh Airport parking Prices
Parking at Edinburgh Airport Price per day* Price per week*
NCP Scotpark £2.84 £22.75
Low Cost £4.37 £34.99
Secure Airparks £7.37 £58.99
PremiAir Main Car Park 1 £7.37 £58.99

Please note: Prices are for 8 days parking and correct at the time of writing.

Search live prices

Is there free parking at Edinburgh airport?

Yes, you can park for FREE for up to 30 mins at Edinburgh airport in the drop-off and pick-up area in the Long Stay car park (charges will apply after 30 mins). From the Long Stay car park it's a 6-8 minute walk to the terminal.

Do you need to book parking at Edinburgh airport?

Travellers are welcome to turn up on the day and park at the following Edinburgh airport car parks:

  • Multi-storey
  • Terminal Parking
  • Mid Stay
  • Long Stay
  • Plane Parking

Please keep in mind, however, you will be paying the premium on-the-gate prices. We highly recommend pre-booking with us as we have a wide range of trusted parking options to choose from and it can save you up to 80% off.

Take a look at the on-the-day Edinburgh airport parking charges below:

Edinburgh Airport Multi-Storey Charges
Duration Price*
Minimum charge up to 3 hours £20.00
3 - 7 hours £24.00
7 - 10 hours £35.00
10 - 24 hours £75.00
Up to 2 days £150.00
Up to 3 days £170.00
Up to 4 days £210.00
Up to 5 Days £230.00
Up to 6 Days £270.00
Up to 7 Days £320.00
Up to 8 Days £360.00
Up to 9 Days £410.00
Thereafter (per day or part thereof) £50.00
Edinburgh Airport Terminal Charges
Duration Price*
0 - 10 minutes £4.00
10 - 15 minutes £5.00
15 - 30 minutes £9.00
30 minutes - 1 hour £12.00
1 - 3 hours £16.00
3 - 7 hours £20.00
7 - 10 hours £32.00
10 - 24 hours £65.00
Up to 2 days £125.00
Up to 3 days £150.00
Up to 4 days £180.00
Up to 5 days £200.00
Up to 6 Days £240.00
Up to 7 Days £280.00
Up to 8 Days £320.00
Up to 9 Days £360.00
Thereafter (per day or part thereof) £40.00
Edinburgh Airport Mid Stay Charges
Duration Price*
Duration Price*
0 - 30 minutes £9.00
30 min - 1 hour £12.00
1 - 3 hours £18.00
3 - 24 hours (or part thereof) £60.00
2 days (or part thereof) £100.00
3 days (or part thereof) £120.00
4 days (or part thereof) £150.00
5 days (or part thereof) £170.00
6 days (or part thereof) £180.00
7 days (or part thereof) £210.00
8 days (or part thereof) £270.00
Thereafter (per day or part thereof) £35.00
Edinburgh Airport Long Stay Charges
Duration Price*
Duration Price*
0 - 30 mins FREE
30 min - 1 hour £7.00
1 - 3 hours £16.50
3 - 24 hours £50.00
2 days £85.00
3 days £110.00
4 days £130.00
5 days £160.00
6 days £170.00
7 days £180.00
8 days £190.00
9 days £210.00
Thereafter (per day or part thereof) £28.00
Edinburgh Airport Plane Parking Charges
Duration Price*
Duration Price*
1 hour £7.00
1-3 hours £17.00
3-24 hours £45.00
2 days £80.00
3 days £100.00
4 days £120.00
5 days £150.00
6 days £160.00
7 days £170.00
8 days £180.00
9 days £200.00
Thereafter (per day or part thereof) £25.00

Can I cancel my Edinburgh airport parking booking?

When you book your parking at Edinburgh airport with Holiday Extras you can be sure that if your plans change, it will always be easy and free to cancel your booking. Take a look out our Cancel Free Policy for more information.

How many car parks do you offer at Edinburgh airport?

We have 4 different Edinburgh airport parking options offered by 3 of the best parking operators. Together, they provide a great choice of park and ride and meet and greet services to choose from. For live prices and lots more handy information about our parking at Edinburgh airport packages, make a search.

How does parking work at Edinburgh airport?

Although procedures can vary slightly between car parks, here is what you can expect when parking at Edinburgh airport:

  • Drive to your chosen car park (you'll find full directions and instructions on your confirmation email)
  • Park your car (or have a professional driver park for you)
  • Catch the transfer bus or walk to the terminal
  • On return, walk or catch the shuttle bus back to the car park
  • Collect your car and head home

How much is turn up and park parking at Edinburgh Airport?

Edinburgh Airport Long Stay Turn Up Prices
Duration Price*
Duration Price*
0 to 30 mins FREE
30 mins to 1 hour £7.00
1-3 hours £16.50
3 to 24 hours £40.00

What's the difference between on and off-airport parking?

Just in case you had visions of a car park sitting on top of the airport terminal, that's not what on-airport parking means! All it refers to is car parking that is inside the Edinburgh airport perimeter and, because it's so close to check-in, the transfer is guaranteed to be very short. The term is also used to distinguish from off-airport parking which is (you guessed it) car parking that is outside the airport boundary.

What does secured parking mean?

Secured parking equals a more relaxing holiday knowing your car will be there when you get back. That's because all the Edinburgh airport car parks are really well protected with safety measures including CCTV, high fencing, 24 hour security guard presence, barriers, floodlighting and regular patrols. In fact, both car parks have been awarded a Park Mark® which is a national security award to prove that the police regularly inspect it to make sure it is as safe as it can be.

Cheap Airport Parking Edinburgh

Booking one of our car parks near Edinburgh airport before the day you travel rewards you with a healthy discount. Secure Airparks and Flying Scot are both located just outside the airport perimeter and both offer special advance-booking rates with Holiday Extras.

Both car parks are fully secured, with CCTV, barriers, fencing and lighting. Take a look at our cheap Edinburgh airport parking page for more information about how our options save you money.

Parking at Edinburgh airport

  • Looking for a hassle-free option? Choose Secure Airparks; prices start from £12.50 per day. Transfers run continuously, take 2 minutes and are included in the price.
  • Looking for a great low price? Take a look at Edinburgh Scotpark; prices start from as little as per day. The cheaper price tag is simply due to this car park being located outside the airport perimeter; transfer times are a little longer to and from the airport but they are still only around the 5 minute mark.
Airport Park and Ride Icon

Top Tip: Take a look at our Edinburgh airport parking map and directions page to see where these car parks are and how to get there. If you have any questions about the airport, we also have a whole information section dedicated to Edinburgh airport.

Off-airport park and ride

Edinburgh off-airport parking

We have a choice of 5 Edinburgh airport car parks which are all located nearby, just outside the airport grounds: Scotpark, Flying Scot, Low Cost Parking, PremiAir and Secure Airparks.

Secure Airparks is the closest to the airport taking only 2 minutes on the bus, whilst Scotpark is the cheapest option because transfers take a little longer at around 6 minutes. If you don't mind a quick transfer, choosing a Park and Ride service is an easy way to save money on your parking at Edinburgh.

Read our Edinburgh airport car parking reviews; a testament to the quality of our service and products at Edinburgh airport. We're proud to say that 99.88% of our customers are happy with our service, and we're working hard to turn around the rest.

Bargain Upgrades to your Edinburgh airport parking

Start your
holiday early

Edinburgh airport hotel stay plus 1 week parking from just £78.

We have hotels near to Edinburgh airport which offer parking as part of a package with the room. The combined price is an absolute bargain when you compare it with the price of a standalone parking booking. We strongly recommend you take a look at our Edinburgh airport hotels with parking and consider the difference a comfortable night's rest before the morning of your flight could make.

You'll save significant money when you book your airport parking and hotel together, compared to buying both separately and it's often not much extra to opt for a combined package vs parking on its own.

Airport Park and Ride Icon

Top Tip: Looking to escape with the family over the school holidays? Make sure you have a look at our UK school holidays page, with all the dates and info you need to know before you book.

Once you have selected your parking option you also have the option to add Edinburgh airport lounge passes. You can save money in the departure area by booking a lounge and enjoying complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks. Put your feet up and read a newspaper or, if you're on business you can make use of the business desk with WIFI connection.

Other options to add on to your booking are our great-priced travel insurance and a traffic text alert service, if you're not taking the hotel option and are concerned about hitting traffic jams or diversions.

Airport Park and Ride Icon

Top Tip: For a complete overview of all our pages about Edinburgh airport parking you can take a look at our Edinburgh airport parking sitemap where you will find car park information pages listed with directions, maps, customer reviews and news articles all together.

Edinburgh Airport Short Stay Parking

There isn't a car park at Edinburgh airport called 'Short Stay'. Instead, if you're looking to park for a short amount of time, if you're dropping off or picking up for example, there are a number of car parks within the airport grounds to consider. Take a look at the choices and prices in the table below.

Edinburgh Airport Parking Short Stay Options and Prices*
Car Park Minimum Duration Price*
Edinburgh Airport Multi-Storey Car Park Up to 3 hours £20.00
Edinburgh Airport Terminal Car Park 0 - 10 minutes £4.00
Edinburgh Airport Mid Stay Car Park 0 - 30 minutes £9.00
Edinburgh Airport Long Stay Car Park 0 - 30 minutes FREE
Edinburgh Airport Plane Parking Car Park 1 hour £7.00

Fly from airport
to destination

Airport Transfers

So your flights are all booked and your parking is sorted… It's time to take care of all the other little travel extras that come with taking a holiday! We here at Holiday Extras may be renowned for providing the very best deals on UK airport parking and hotels, but we also can offer fantastic prices on airport transfers too. Head on over to our transfers page and make your search with your travel dates and the name of your hotel or resort, to see just how easily we can get you where you need to go, without breaking the bank.

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