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Reviews for Park and Fly Meet and Greet

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 691

No problems at all. Great service.

10 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

Affordable. Efficient. Friendly. Will use again.

10 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

Meet and greet was very successful and worked very efficiently. Staff were foreign nationals and almost impossible to understand what they had to say. With a bit of guesswork and commonsense it was easy to anticipate what they might mean.

10 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

Driver there when we arrived at the airport and was waiting at the Pick Up area on our return. Excellent service

10 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

Awesome service as per normal

10 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

Collection point difficult to find

8 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

Booking Ref FVO4L - Edinburgh this was supposed to be a "Meet and Greet" service but neither happened. We had to wait for your agent to arrive on both legs and neither displayed the slighted sign to greet us. Outward we arrived exactly on time and gave 10 minutes notice from the road but there was a 10 minute wait in the Pick-up area before your agent appeared. On our return we called in after baggage reclaim and were told the car was in the pick-up area but the attendant was still on his way with another car. We had to wait at least 10 minutes for him to appear and another 10 minutes while he dealt with other waiting customers. All this at 2.30 AM. After sign off receipt and getting our parking ticket we drove immediately to the barrier and inserted the ticket only to be told a £6.00 FEE WAS DUE. In torrential rain I had to extract my wallet, insert a credit card, find the keypad in an awkward position enter the pin in the semi dark in the pouring rain. By the time I got my receipt my head and shoulder were soaking as was the inside of the car. On exiting I phoned to complain only to be ORDERED to return to the pick-up area to get the correct ticket. Had I phoned before the barrier cleared a barrier a queue had formed behind me so there was no way I could return and I certainly was not about the re-enter car park - after paying the fee to exit anyway. I asked for a way for a refund to be made and the unapologetic response was this was not possible and return to the pick-up. I have used this service on many occasions and never been treated so contemptuously. Douglas Knox

1 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

A very reliable service.

10 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

Airport meet and greet with Maple Manor at Edinburgh airport. Second time I've used this service and it doesn't disappoint. So easy and convenient. Would definitely recommend.

10 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet

Everything was great till I returned from my holiday when I went to get my car it was not there , then I was accused of only paying for 1 week luckily I had the paperwork with me as they wanted me to pay there & then for another week ! Also told me my car had not been parked up safely but outside their office for a week it was very distressing

5 out of 10Park and Fly Meet and Greet