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The undercover Terminal Multi-Storey car park at Edinburgh airport is located right outside the terminal, just a 1 minute walk away from check-in, making this a quick and ultra convenient parking option. This package is very similar to a Meet and Greet service in terms of proximity to the terminal, the main differences are you get to choose your space and keep your keys. You'll also have Fast Track lane access, helping you speed through security, giving you more time to relax before your flight.

Park 1 minute away from the terminal with special access to the fastTRACK lane.

When you arrive at the car park:

1. Pull up to the barrier and wait for it to scan your registration and issue you with a ticket. If a ticket is not issued, press the call button for help.
2. Drive straight across the mini roundabout, put your ticket in and enter the multi-storey car park.
3. Find a space (you may want to write down where you have parked) and walk to the terminal over the fastTRACK bridge in 1 minute.


- 24/7 security


Keep your keys and leave your car undercover whilst you're away.


- There are Blue Badge spaces throughout the car park which work on a first come first served basis - you'll need to display your badge whilst you're away.
- If you need to take your Blue Badge away with you, you'll need to show it to the car park attendant who can by contacted by the help button at the pay stations or by visiting the customer services office.

When you get back to the car park:

1. Collect your luggage and walk back to the car park.
2. Find your car and drive to the exit barrier - insert your ticket and the barrier will lift to let you out. If you have any problems just press the intercom button to speak to a member of staff.

fastTRACK Bridge:

- The bridge into the airport is on level 2 of the car park.
- Up to 5 people can use the fastTRACK with this package.
- To use the bridge and skip check-in, you will need to be pre-checked in and have your valid boarding pass (e-ticket or paper copy), and only have hand luggage. Your parking booking will still be valid for fastTRACK if you need to use check-in or bag drop.

Please note: Passengers who have not checked in or have hold luggage will not be able to access the Security Hall and will have to go to the terminal through the Check-in Hall as normal.

Getting to and from Edinburgh airport

Getting to the airport:

The airport is a 1 minute walk away via the fastTRACK bridge.

Getting back to the car park:

Collect your luggage and follow signs for the car park. Find your car and exit the car park.

Terminal Multi-Storey Parking At Edinburgh Airport Address

EH12 9DN

Longitude -3.36200
Latitude    55.94748