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Reviews for Long Stay

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 733

Yes, everything was fine. Just need to be careful not to confuse with other long stay catpark.

2 out of 10Long Stay

Wanting to charge a further £255 before letting us out was a bit stressful until it was sorted. No doubt a software error. Apart from that it was fine. Even your survey software could be improved as I don't have an f***ng pet

5 out of 10Long Stay

Great fast service.

10 out of 10Long Stay

No problems with the facilities offered.

10 out of 10Long Stay

No problems whatsoever.

10 out of 10Long Stay

All went smoothly and satisfactorily. The only moan is the extremely tight width dimension of the entry/leaving ports. Getting a large SUV through these without minor damage to bodywork of the edges of alloys is quite a skill.

10 out of 10Long Stay

Staff did not know about the change of flight and my 10 pm return. They thought I was returning at 5.30 pm.Attempted to charge me £34.50 at the exit gate. Told him the delay in reaching our exit was not our fault. He did let us through in the end.

10 out of 10Long Stay

Not too fulll car park, plenty of spaces. Frequent bus service. So quick transit to terminal.

10 out of 10Long Stay

We pre booked and paid for a week in the long stay car park, we followed our sat nav which seemed to be taking us into a different direction. We had to call Customer Services asking for reassurance that we were in the correct carpark however the female that both my husband and I spoke with was extremely rude and spoke to us as if we were a huge inconvenience to her. Not the response that we were expecting. She had no notification of our name or reference number which caused us some worry during our holiday that we would be returning home to a huge car parking fee. However when we arrived home we spoke with a male who was very helpful.

1 out of 10Long Stay

Although we found the car park to be very busy on this occasion it would not put us of using it again because in previous time it has not and the bus service is very convenient for a drop off at the airport.

9 out of 10Long Stay