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What is Holiday Extras doing to combat coronavirus?

I've changed my personal details on my Holiday Extras account – do I need to change them on my insurance policy too?

How do I cancel my policy?

What if I no longer need the cover after I've booked it?

Can I amend my policy online?

How do I access my policy documents?

City Hotel Reservations

My booking is affected by Hurricane Dorian - what can I do?

Why can't I change my booking?

My booking has already started - how do I extend it?

My booking starts today, but I need to change it.

What is Late Return Cover?

I've received a email saying you need extra details - what do I do?

Help - my confirmation won't download.

When will I receive my email confirmation?

Can I book a shared shuttle for a group travelling on different flights?

Can I book a bigger car than I need?

I don't have a UK mobile number - can I book a transfer without?

Which supplier have I booked with?

Can I book a transfer if I'm travelling on my own?

What is Outbound Delay Cover?

What else can I add to my booking?

How do I add a special request to my booking?

Do you charge amendment fees?

My flight number isn't valid, what do I do?

What is one-click buy?

What is my booking reference?

I can't fill in the mandatory fields - what do I do?

What is SMS confirmation?

What are your amendment and cancellation charges?

Can I pre-book a wheelchair for my resort transfer on holiday?

Can I take my golf clubs on the transfer in resort?

Do you provide car seats on resort transfer bookings?

What dates do I need to put on a resort transfer booking?

Can I book a resort transfer from one hotel to another?

Are resort transfers just for airports?

How far in advance can I book a resort transfer?

Can I amend the dates on a resort transfer booking?

Can I book consecutive night stays in hotels?

I've made a booking with my travel agent - how do I change it?

How can I book rail tickets on your website?

My flight has been cancelled, what do I do?

How long does it take to receive my refund?

I need information on remittance.

How do I become a supplier with your company?

Your site wants me to enter a mobile number, but I don't have one.

What do I do if I'm booking for somebody else?

What is overstay insurance and how to claim?

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Do you have a loyalty scheme?

What is the board basis at the hotel I'm interested in?

I want to delete an item on the countdown app.

I can't print my fast track tickets - what do I do?

I've lost my parking ticket - what do I do?

How do I amend the terminal on my booking?

How do I find out more information about your sunscreen offer?

My latest booking isn't showing on your mobile app.

Can you refund to another card?

What is fast track?

How do I complete my booking?

How can I book interconnecting rooms?

Has Purple Parking gone into administration?

I have a complaint, what should I do?

Is the price per person or per room?

I've paid, but I haven't completed my booking.

Can I book a smoking room?

Can I upgrade my room?

I don't know my car registration - what do I do?

Can I keep my car keys?

Do your car parks have any vehicle restrictions?

I can't find my booking!

What can I wear in the lounge?

Where are your terms and conditions?

Why do some car parks / hotels say can't amend, can't cancel?

How does the car park know I have a booking?

How do I view information on each product?

How do I get to the car park / hotel / lounge?

I haven't my received FairFX card

Do I need to take my confirmation?

Can I have a VAT receipt for my booking?

What if I stay longer in the car park than I have booked?

Can I use my lounge booking before checking in for my flight?

Can I use a lounge in a different terminal to the one I'm traveling from?

Can I come and go from the car park?

Can I come and go from a lounge?

What happens if I arrive earlier or later than booked?

I have two bookings - I only want one

How can I cancel my booking?

Can I amend my booking?

How do I change my booking?

How do you quality check your products?

Do you have a mobile app?

Are my personal details safe with you?

What are your opening hours?

Who are Holiday Extras?