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Maximise your annual leave in 2024

Turn your 25 days leave into 55 days off with our guide

Even if you love your job, holiday time is precious.

Every year we work out how to maximise your annual leave to get the most days off, by combining weekends and Bank Holidays to create longer breaks out of a few days' booked off. This year is the best we've ever seen - 55 days off for 25 days' holiday - or if you're carrying a few days over into January, as much as 64 days off (or one sixth of the year). Here's how...

Dates to book off in January

We're assuming you've got 25 days to play with. If so, you'll probably have to start the year back after Christmas without an extra week off. But if you're carrying four days into the new year, you can start the year with a nine-day break, booking four days from Tues 2 to Fri 5 to holiday from Dec 30 to Jan 7.

(You might even be over your hangover by then!)

Where to go in January

Iceland, Cabo Verde and Port du Soleil top our list this month

Dates to book off in March and April

Easter falls on the last weekend in March in 2024, so book off 25-29 March, and 2-5 April, for a 16-day break.

Dates to book off in May

May sees two bank holidays, one at the start and one at the end - so turn them both into a week off and you can see in the start of the good weather with two nine-day trips.

Where to go in May

Türkiye, Finland and Jordan are just three of our late-spring favourites

Dates to book off in August

Summer is coming to an end, but it's not too late to get away for some sun. It's also a great time to explore all the UK has to offer! Book 27-30 August (four days) and you'll be off exploring from 24th August through to 2nd September.

Where to go in August

Peak summer season and everyone's off - why not join them?

Dates to book off in December

Christmas and Boxing Day fall on a Wednesday and Thursday this year, so you can book five days and take off 12. Book 23, 24, 27, 30 and 31 around the public holidays and you're off for 12 days from the 20th to the 2nd.

So there you have it - 55 days off spun out of your 25 days' annual leave (or 64 days off if you're carrying four days fron 2023 into the new year). Enjoy your holidays but do us a favour, and don't tell your boss what we told you.