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Where to travel in May

Spring and a bank holiday? May is just spoiling us






Turin | Italy




Poland is a great destination for a city break at any time, and UK holidaymakers flock to Warsaw and Krakow to enjoy the medieval vibes.

This May there are two extra reasons to pick Poland if you're going away.

First, it's one of a handful of countries that you can now visit completely unrestricted - it has dropped all of the old lockdown travel restrictions, just like we have, so you can jet out there as easily as you could before the pandemic and enjoy a proper, hassle-free break.

Second, if you want to do a bit of good while you're out having fun, Poland has done more than its share of the heavy lifting supporting the refugees fleeing Ukraine, taking in 2.6m people or around 60% of the total. It's not currently advisable to visit Ukraine for a holiday (see our article below), but you could do the next best thing and head to Poland for your next break, spend lavishly and support the people who are doing the most to look after those fleeing the war. While Poland borders Ukraine, the UK government isn't currently warning against going there and holidays continue as normal.

How Russia's invasion of Ukraine affects international travel

FCDO advise for international travel during the invasion of Ukraine.


Wadi Rum Jordan

Why Jordan? To celebrate Star Wars Day of course! May the Fourth is an opportunity to revisit the trilogies, and while many Star Wars guides point first to Tunisia - where the very first film created Tatooine - it's not currently advisable to visit the south of the country where many of the key Star Wars sites can be found.

Jordan recently dropped all travel restrictions, so it's as easy as ever to get in and out (buying a mandatory visa for a few pounds when you land).

Wadi Rum was used in both Rogue One as Jedha and Episode IX as Pasaana; it was also the desert in Lawrence of Arabia and a host of other films, and of course while you're in Jordan you should take in the ancient city of Petra which itself has been the set of another Harrison Ford classic, The Last Crusade.

For more details of the Star Wars sites you can visit around the world read our May The Fourth article below.

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Madeira is the second destination on our May list that recently dropped all of its lockdown restrictions, so you can breeze in and out of the islands as easily as you could three years ago. While the rest of Portugal still has some restrictions, here there are none at all. Madeira is therefore one of the easiest places to visit, and with a climate very like the Canaries it's a great choice for some pre-summer sun if you're in the mood for swimming, sunbathing or just enjoying some significantly warmer weather than you're likely to see here in May.

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If you're heading to Mexico in May your best bet is the east coast, where you can enjoy the warm Caribbean waters. Most tourist flights land in Cancun anyway, and from there you can either roll straight out into one of the excellent tourist resorts near the city or head a little further out into the Yucatan Peninsula to see Tulum, Chichen Itza or Coba.

May 5th is Cinco de Maya, which in the USA and especially California is a significant celebration of Mexican culture. In Mexico itself it's a relatively minor holiday, and if you want to take part you're best to head out to Puebla.

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May 24th is World Turtle Day, and there's nowhere better to spot turtles close(ish) to home than on a beach holiday in Turkey.

Turkey tops our 2022 bucketlist. It's outside the EU so no Brexit queues or hassles; but only just outside so you're there in about four hours. The Turkish lire has lost more than half its pre-lockdown value vs the pound so your holiday will be super cheap. There are hundreds of miles of riviera, served by multiple airports, so you're spoiled for choice for resorts, villages and sights.

But since we're celebrating world turtle day in May, let's concentrate on the turtles. They're protected, and their nesting sites especially so, which means you'll need to travel carefully and without disrupting the habitat. That said, with competent guides and a little caution you can expect to see turtles all over Turkey with highlights including Iztuzu Beach, Akgöl beaches near Fethiye, and Dalyan Turtle Beach.

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Turin | Italy


Turin is the venue for this year's Eurovision Song Contest, the 66th.

The final is on Saturday May 14th, with qualifiers the week before, and the festivities are at the PalaOlimipico Stadium. It was built for the olympics and it's now the city's multi-purpose sports and events venue.

Like most Italian cities Turin is absolutely bursting with palaces, museums, squares and culture. For our money, we'd recommend the Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista, Turin's beautiful main church and site of the Turin Shroud (which is normally under cover and you will not be able to see). You should also take time to see the automobile museum and - bear with us on this one - the pseudo-medieval village that was built in the 19th century for an exhibition and still stands for visitors to look around.

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Vancouver Bridge

As we all go into May celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, Canada is the country she has most often visited in her official capacity - and if it's good enough for the Queen, it's definitely good enough for the rest of us.

May is a great time to head over - the winter snows have thawed so spring flowers are out, the national parks are accesible again and while it's not beach weather (this is Canada) its pleasant out. This is also the best time of year for whale-watching, so get down to the Atlantic coast where you can often see minke and humpback whales.

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