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Agios Sostis in Zante | Where to go in Greece in 2024 Agios Sostis in Zante | Where to go in Greece in 2024

Where to go in Greece this year

Greece is as popular as ever with our customers. Here's where we reckon you should travel for your big 2024 holiday.







Greece is a clear winner with UK travellers looking for their next escape, with three Greek islands making up the top three biggest risers on our real-time destination leaderboard at the time of writing. So we thought we'd take a look at why Greece is so popular in 2024…

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When's the best time to visit Greece?

Greece, and particularly the Greek islands, have been recommended as an ideal summer holiday spot for quite some time thanks to the idyllic beaches and weather we know and love. But in recent years wildfires, floods and beyond-scorching temperatures have dominated the headlines in peak season, making Greece a less attractive place to visit in the height of summer.

So, we'd recommend heading to Greece in the shoulder seasons for the best of everything the country has to offer. The weather in spring and autumn will still be balmy enough for a tan, plus it'll be less crowded so you can enjoy the beach in relative peace. It's also a great time of the year to explore the country's cultural attractions, making historic heavyweights like Athens and Thessaloniki as alluring as islands like Kefalonia and Milos.

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History and culture, incredible food and beautiful landscapes make Greece irresistible to all kinds of travellers.

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Bench under a tree on a sunny day at Assos Beach | Kefalonia, Greece

Up 1,400% since 2023, Kefalonia's a clear favourite with UK travellers looking for an under-the-radar break.

The largest of the Ionian Islands charms visitors with its stunning beaches and quaint villages. The ridiculously photogenic Myrtos Beach is the island's most popular stretch of sand and is easy to reach from Argostoli. Or for something a bit different head to Xi Beach, which boasts unique reddish sand and plenty of sunbeds to lounge about on.

We'd recommend exploring Melissani Cave while you're there – the sun illuminating the crystal-clear waters of the lake that lies inside the cave is a sight to behold. And tuck into a traditional Kefalonian meat pie once you've built up an appetite.

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Beautiful sea caves on Zakynthos Island Greece

Another island growing in popularity, Zante's a paradise for beach lovers and photographers. It's famous for Navagio Beach, which is known as Shipwreck Cove thanks to the abandoned ship that ran aground in 1980. The Blue Caves are equally photo-worthy thanks to the mesmerising play of light on the water, then later on you'll want to sample a glass or two of Avgoustiatis wine while watching the sun set over the glimmering Ionian Sea.

Or head to Laganas for a completely different kind of holiday – think beach parties, clubs and general silliness. No judgement here.

The Good Trip Index

Greece ranks 49th on the Good Trip Index

This score is calculated based on Sustainability, Human Rights, Women's Rights, Press Freedom, Quality of Life, LGBTQI+ Rights and Animal welfare

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Balos Beach | Crete, Greece

The largest Greek island, Crete is increasingly one of the most popular too. The beaches and tavernas are as good as you'd expect from a Greek island, but its trump card has to be the sheer volume of ancient sites to explore. Head to the Bronze Age Knossos Palace just south of Heraklion and combine your beach break with a cultural escape.

The island's diverse landscape spans from the pink sands of Elafonisi Beach to the rustic charm of the mountainous villages. Climb the Samaria Gorge if you're up for a challenge, or soak up the sun on the shores of Balos Lagoon if that sounds like far too much effort.

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The Acropolis of Athens with the Parthenon Temple on top of the hill during a summer sunset | Athens, Greece

If you're more interested in diving into Greece's rich history than the crystal-clear waters of its stunning beaches, Athens really should be on your bucket list. Home to the iconic Acropolis, it's right at the heart of classical Greece. The Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum offer in-depth insights into Greek history, while modern Athens pulsates with street art, stylish bars and bustling markets like Monastiraki.

It's also one of the cheapest city breaks in Europe, so your money will go a lot further than you might think.


Panoramic view of Thessaloniki and the ruins of the medieval fortification, mount Olympus in the background | Thessaloniki, Greece

Don't ignore Greece's culturally vibrant and historically rich second city. Thessaloniki boasts a youthful energy, with its waterfront promenade lined with cute cafés and art installations. Make sure you visit the White Tower, the city's most emblematic structure, and explore the remnants of its Byzantine and Ottoman heritage.

Where to go next?

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Beach in Milos, Greece

The volcanic island of Milos is as Insta-worthy as it comes. The moon-like terrain of Sarakiniko Beach is probably Greece's most unique beach, while the colourful fishing village of Klima is full of traditional beachside tavernas you'll love to unwind in.

The island's perfect for those who love the water, offering ideal spots for swimming, snorkelling and kayaking around its gorgeous beaches and coves.