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Real-time destination leaderboard. Real-time destination leaderboard.

The real-time destination leaderboard

What's the real-time destination leaderboard?

Want to find out where everyone's going on holiday? This leaderboard shows you where our customers are travelling and what the most popular destinations are this week. Use it to decide where your next trip should be or discover somewhere new.

Biggest Movers

These are the places that have grown the most, in terms of how many people visit them, not literally, over the past year. Use this to find out what the biggest up-and-coming destinations are and plan whether or not you want to visit them. It's also a great way to find out about holiday spots you might never have thought of.

Destination / Country (2024 vs 2023)

Where should you go?

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Most Popular Destinations

The biggest holiday destinations – this is where everyone's going. Follow the herds to the most popular place, or dodge the crowds and pick somewhere less booked but just as exciting.

Destination (2024 vs 2023)

Signpost with many destinations on it

Holiday Extras Travel Guides

Find your travel inspiration and plan a hassle-free trip with Holiday Extras Travel Guides.

Most Popular Countries

A glance at this week's most popular countries. Where's up and where's down and where are you going?

Country (2024 vs 2023)

Top Destinations for 2024

Our top picks for a trip this year.

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Where to go next

Wherever you usually go, we've got somewhere new you'll like too