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Air Arabia Maroc Flight 3O126


Air Arabia Maroc (3O126)

Datum und Uhrzeit:
Sunday 26/03/2023 at 21:20

Amsterdam Flughafen



von Amsterdam Flughafen nach Fes

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Informationen zum Abflug- und Zielflughafen

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Departure : AMS
Location : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date : Sunday 26/03/2023
Abflugzeit (Ortszeit) : 21:20

Wetter : Highs ℃ / Lows ℃
Währung : Euro
Sprache : Dutch and Frisian


Zielflughafen: FEZ
Location : Fes, Morocco
Date : Sunday 26/03/2023
Ortszeit : UTC-1

Wetter : Highs ℃ / Lows ℃
Währung : Moroccan Dirham Order Currency
Sprache : Arabic, Berber dialects and French

Lonely Planet : Guide

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Weather Forecast

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Baggage Allowance

Always worth checking luggage and baggage allowances before you travel

Baggage allowances can be complicated, varying according to routes and class of seat and taking into account the number, weight and dimensions of bags, free allowances, and ever-changing aviation rules. In general, excess baggage and special items can be carried for an additional fee.

For all airlines flying into and out of the UK, a recent safety requirement has been introduced restricting the weight of each single item of luggage to 32kg. This is not your full baggage allowance, rather a measure to reduce strains and injuries among baggage handling staff.

Remember, this information is liable to change so always check on your airline and airport websites before you start packing.

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