Edinburgh Airport Departures

Planning a trip from Edinburgh airport? We’ve got the answers to all of your questions about preparing for your trip here, including when to check in, what you can take and where to drop passengers off. (...)

Before you go, you can check the status of your flight and even where the plane is by entering a flight number and date into the boxes on the right, or using our list below of flights leaving Edinburgh airport today. You can also see information about the airline and the aircraft you’ll be flying in, the current and forecast weather at your destination and places to visit.

February 2021
February 2021
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48 flights departing Edinburgh Airport on 26/02/21.

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Flight Departure
TOM1576 26/02/21 10:25
8H5596 26/02/21 10:10
CZ7831 26/02/21 05:50
MK9371 26/02/21 06:15
MK9373 26/02/21 11:35
FR813 26/02/21 08:00
EI3251 26/02/21 10:45
EY7370 26/02/21 05:50
KQ1276 26/02/21 05:50
MU1806 26/02/21 05:50
KL1276 26/02/21 05:50
KL1280 26/02/21 10:55
PS9476 26/02/21 05:50
KQ1280 26/02/21 10:55
DL9275 26/02/21 10:55
AZ3975 26/02/21 05:50
BT6024 26/02/21 05:50
VS7025 26/02/21 05:50
DL9387 26/02/21 05:50
3V4426 26/02/21 20:45
3V4426 26/02/21 20:45
G35527 26/02/21 05:50
VS7027 26/02/21 10:55
AY5964 26/02/21 09:25
AF1687 26/02/21 11:35
UX2260 26/02/21 11:35
DL9205 26/02/21 11:35
G35283 26/02/21 11:35
MH9823 26/02/21 09:25
QF3552 26/02/21 09:25
KQ3897 26/02/21 11:35
U2812 26/02/21 18:00
QR6280 26/02/21 09:25
VS6818 26/02/21 11:35
IB7570 26/02/21 09:25
QR6287 26/02/21 13:25
BA1449 26/02/21 13:25
EI3657 26/02/21 17:00
U2482 26/02/21 08:55
BA1435 26/02/21 09:25
AA6563 26/02/21 09:25
BA8851 26/02/21 10:45
U2428 26/02/21 17:45
SI7497 26/02/21 17:50
AY5980 26/02/21 13:25
LA5525 26/02/21 13:25
U218 26/02/21 19:20
AT5201 26/02/21 13:25
Baggage Allowance


Check-in is on the ground floor of the terminal – the information screens by the entrance will tell you which desk to go to. You should check with your airline how early you need to arrive, but as a guide, Edinburgh airport recommends checking in three hours before a long-haul flight, two hours before a European flight and one hour before a flight within the UK and Ireland (we’d probably still advise aiming for closer to two hours though). Some airlines have self-service kiosks where you can check in, including bmibaby and bmi British Midland, British Airways, Air France, KLM and Lufthansa; there’s also the option of online check-in with many airlines.

Baggage allowance

How much hold and hand luggage you can take is up to your airline, so you should check with them. Some airlines do now allow more than one item of hand luggage, but the restriction on liquids still applies. You can only bring liquids, pastes or gels in your hand luggage in containers of 100ml or less, and they must be carried through security in a clear, resealable plastic bag. Liquids larger than that must go in your hold luggage. Baby food, baby milk, and liquid medicines are exceptions, though you may be asked for evidence that you need the medicine. There’s more information on our Edinburgh airport luggage and security page.

Book Edinburgh airport parking and hotels

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to book your Edinburgh airport parking and Edinburgh airport hotel – the earlier you get them sorted, the better prices are likely to be, and the more options are likely to be available. Visit our Edinburgh airport parking and Edinburgh airport hotels pages to see what we can offer you. If you want both parking and a hotel, book one of our combined hotel-with-parking packages for an even better deal.

Dropping off passengers

There is a drop-off area in the multi-storey car park right outside the terminal, but it’s not free: parking costs £1 for 10 minutes, £5 for £20 minutes and £7 for up to an hour. The Terminal Surface car park next to the terminal is another option, but if you want to be able to park for free you’ll need to go to the Long-Stay car park, where you get a whole ten minutes without paying. There’s a free bus from the car park to the terminal - it runs every 10 minutes and takes five minutes.

Buy before you fly

Booking in advance can save you pounds