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Cheap Heathrow airport hotels from only £29.00 per night!

Save money on your overnight hotel stays at Heathrow and nearby when you book with Holiday Extras today.

Finding a cheap hotel near Heathrow isn't as difficult as you might think. With Holiday Extras offering prices as low as £29.00 per night or £72.00 for a hotel + 1 week parking, booking an overnight stay at the airport doesn't have to cost the earth. We understand that holidays can be expensive, that's why we want to reassure you that booking a Heathrow airport hotel doesn't have to dent your funds like you'd think.

Our selection of budget-friendly hotels mean you can enjoy the convenience of staying near the airport at affordable rates. And don't forget, we use the word 'cheap' to reflect our prices - comfort and quality is in no way compromised. By making your hotel booking in advance, you can save even more money. That means pre-booking with Holiday Extras is the best route to cheaper accommodation - with lower price tags than you'd expect to pay if you just paid on the day.

🏨 Hotel Deals: 36
🚗 Cheapest +Parking: easyHotel
🚶 Closest: Hilton Garden Inn
✅ 💜 Most Popular: Crowne Plaza
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Cheap airport hotels at Heathrow

Heathrow Airport has a huge selection of 2-star, 3-star and 4-star hotels to choose from for the ideal stop-off before your holiday starts. The cheapest hotel available is the 2-star easyHotel available as a room-only deal or you can combine your hotel stay with your airport parking in one easy, money-saving package. At just under 2 miles from the airport, this hotel offers convenience and the essentials you need, at an affordable price.

Additionally, the Holiday Inn Express and Ibis 3-star hotels offer great low prices and a comfortable night's stay close to the airport for cheaper rates with rooms for less than £50 per night.

If you want to loosen the purse strings a little further, check out some of our top quality 4-star Heathrow hotels. The Novotel and the DoubleTree by Hilton provide extra luxury to your restful night's sleep, with the added convenience of Meet & Greet airport parking included.

Cheapest Heathrow hotel deals

For comfortable hotel stays, at prices to suit every pocket, check out our top 10 cheapest hotel deals available. These are all within 5 miles of the airport and only require a short shuttle transfer to-and-from the terminals, unless Meet & Greet Parking is included. There are both room-only deals and ultra money-saving hotel with airport parking packages too.

Hotel Distance Transfer Star Rating Price room-only* Price with parking*
easyHotel 1.7 miles 10-15 minute transfer ★★ £29.00 £72.00
Holiday Inn Express T5 3.7 miles 15-20 minute transfer ★★★ £39.00 £99.00
Best Western Ariel (with Parking at Hotel) 1.9 miles 10-15 minute transfer ★★★★ £41.00 £145.00
Ibis 1.5 miles 10-15 minute transfer ★★★ £47.00 £128.00
Crowne Plaza 2.1 miles 15-20 minute transfer ★★★★ £48.00 £94.00
Sheraton Heathrow (Parking at Hotel) 1.5 miles 10-15 minute transfer ★★★★ £49.00 £91.65
Holiday Inn M4 J4 (Parking at Hotel) 1.7 miles 10-15 minute transfer ★★★★ £49.00 £94.50
DoubleTree by Hilton (Blue Circle Meet & Greet) 2.1 miles 10-15 minute transfer ★★★★ £50.00 £100.00
Novotel 1.9 miles 5-10 minute transfer ★★★★ £55.00 £105.80
Leonardo (Parking at Hotel) 0.9 miles 5-10 minute transfer ★★★★ £58.50 £100.00

How to keep your overnight stay at Heathrow cheap?

Top tip #1: Pre-book & Save

When you pre-book your Heathrow hotel with Holiday Extras, you're securing a room for less. While it's easy to get the best price with us, it's even easier if you book well in advance. Pre-booking your airport hotel ahead of time works out cheaper than if you book on the day. So, rather than leaving those extras until the last minute, plan ahead to save bundles off your accommodation's price tag.

Top tip #2: Combine your hotel and airport parking

To save even more money it might be worth checking out our brilliant range of ultra-convenient Heathrow airport hotels with parking deals, that start from as low as £72.00 which is cheaper than some parking-only packages!

Top tip #3: Sign up for email offers

Unlock discounts when you sign up to our email list here. We'll only ever send you great offers and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Cheap hotels near Heathrow

Don't worry that the word 'cheap' means you have to compromise on quality. At Holiday Extras we're only decreasing the price and certainly not sacrificing on quality. We won't skimp on the location either and like to add ease to your journey with a choice of cheaper hotels available nearest the airport.

Proximity is key when you're looking for the perfect stay. So why not sleep just a few minutes from the check-in desks? The following hotels are either connected to the terminal or are very close-by. You may find the packages are a little more expensive but, if you're after a journey that's less of a hassle, then it's worth considering opting out of a shuttle-transfer and travelling only a few steps from your hotel room to the terminal.

The following hotels are closest in location to each of the separate terminals (within a 2-mile radius) and are listed in order of distance from the terminals. These top-rated hotels boast all the facilities you need for a relaxing night's sleep. From luxury 4 and 5-star hotels to budget-friendly 3-star accommodation.

Heathrow hotels connected to terminals
Hotel Name Terminal Transfer Star Rating Room Only Price* Hotel & Parking Price*
Hilton Garden Inn Terminal 2 5-minute walk ★★★★ £92.00 £180.00
Hilton Heathrow T4 Terminal 4 5-minute walk ★★★★ £88.50 £148.00
Premier Inn T4 Terminal 4 6-minute walk ★★★ -- £110.00
Crowne Plaza T4 Terminal 4 5-minute walk ★★★★ £87.20 £188.00
Holiday Inn Express T4 Terminal 4 6-minute walk ★★★★ £46.75 £133.00
Sofitel Heathrow Terminal 5 5-minute walk ★★★★★ £101.40 £181.00

Hotels closest to Heathrow Terminal 2
Hotel Name Distance from T2 Transfer Star Rating Room Only Price* Hotel & Parking Price*
Hilton Garden Inn Connected Short walk ★★★★ £92.00 £357.00
Park Inn Heathrow 0.9 miles 12-minutes - Heathrow Hoppa ★★★★ £60.00 £200.00
Renaissance Hotel 0.9 miles 10-15 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa ★★★★ £71.20 £89.00
Sheraton Skyline 1.2 miles 7-12 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa ★★★★ £85.00 £99.00
Best Western Ariel 1.9 miles 10-15 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa ★★★★ £41.00 £145.00

Hotels closest to Heathrow Terminal 4
Hotel Name Distance from T4 Transfer Star Rating Room Only Price* Hotel & Parking Price*
Hilton Heathrow T4 Connected 5-minute walk ★★★★ £88.50 £148.00
Premier Inn T4 Connected 6-minute walk ★★★ £-- £143.00
Crowne Plaza Terminal 4 Connected 5-minute walk ★★★★ £48.00 £94.00
Holiday Inn Express T4 Connected 6-minute walk ★★★★ £67.15 £231.00
Renaissance 1 mile 10-minute shuttle ★★★★ £71.00 £89.00

Hotels near Heathrow Terminal 5
Hotel Name Distance from T5 Transfer Star Rating Room only price* With parking price*
Sofitel 0.5 miles 5-minute walk ★★★★★ £101.40 £181.00
Thistle Hotel 1 mile 5 minutes - POD Shuttle ★★★ £49.50 £81.00
Sheraton Heathrow 1.5 miles 12 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa ★★★★ £50.00 £91.65
Holiday Inn T5 2.5 miles 12 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa ★★★★ £39.00 £86.00
Hilton T5 2.7 miles 10 minutes - Heathrow Hoppa ★★★★ £65.00 £79.00

*All of the above hotels are closest in distance to Terminals; you can easily travel between terminals too via dedicated Heathrow Buses. The prices listed are correct at time of writing and are subject to change.

Mystery Hotels

The Holiday Extras' Heathrow Mystery Hotels are another great way of saving money! The way it works is simple, we keep the identity of the hotel a secret until after you've booked. By keeping the hotel name under wraps, we're able to sell rooms for much lower prices than we could otherwise. When booking a Mystery Hotel, you'll be able to stay at a 3 or 4-star hotel but still be paying the price of a cheap Heathrow airport hotel.

Why book with Holiday Extras?

An overnight hotel stay is the perfect way to start or end your holiday. Relax in a hotel, close to the airport, before you fly and avoid busy motorway traffic on the way to the airport. Alternatively, stay over when you get back from holiday - you deserve to relax after your journey!

Here's a few reasons why booking an airport hotel with Holiday Extras can make your experience less hassle, more holiday:

  • Great-value prices
  • Optional inclusive parking
  • Trusted provider
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Free cancellation
  • Rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot

Heathrow Airport Hotels FAQs Icon

Cheap Heathrow Hotels - FAQs

How can you get the cheapest airport hotel deals at Heathrow?

There are two very important things to consider when choosing the right airport hotel. It's key to think about the price you can afford and the proximity of the hotel to the airport. Where you choose to book an overnight stay will affect the price of your booking, along with the hotel's star rating and the amenities at the hotel. Generally, the nearer your accommodation is to the airport, the more expensive your hotel room will be.

What's the best time to book your hotel for the cheapest stay?

A general rule is that travelling off-season can ensure cheaper deals but booking with a provider you can trust is always key to ensuring you bag eye-watering savings. We always encourage our customers to book early, not only does it mean the availability will be greater, but it also gives you the biggest opportunity to bag yourself a bargain. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to find our best and cheapest Heathrow hotel offers. Book in advance for the best price and consider combining your hotel with your airport parking, in one easy booking.

*Please note all prices quoted are correct at time of writing and are always subject to change according to availability on the dates you require and price fluctuations throughout the year.