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A tropical island in an airport hotel

Leaning back and floating in a beautiful, blue pool, with palm trees hanging overhead. You swim under a bridge, round a little island hideaway and then right up to a bar and order a drink to sip while you soak away in the cool water… but, hang on, you haven't even caught your flight yet! The Sheraton Skyline hotel in Hayes is built around an enormous, tropical-style pool under a glass ceiling, so you don't have to wait for landing to start your exotic getaway.

The pool is open from 16:00 to 23:00, but that's just the start of your adventure at this Heathrow hotel. There are three restaurants, offering everything from bar snacks for munching in front of a football match, to four-star cuisine in a tropical garden. There's even a Starbucks in the lobby.

Take a break from the tropics and get a workout

If your idea of relaxing has more to do with treadmills than tropics, the Sheraton Fitness gym is open 24 hours a day. Just pop your room key in the door and let yourself in. You'll find cardio equipment like bikes, step machines and the aforementioned treadmills, along with both free and fixed weights. Everything you need to work out the last of that stress before your holiday.

All this and the Sheraton Skyline hotel still has some of the largest rooms you'll find at Heathrow and this hotel in Hayes is a little more than a mile from the terminal. If you're looking for luxury, this is where you'll find it.

We recommend the Sheraton Skyline for:

Tropical paradise - For real luxury, you'll struggle to find better than a tropical island wrapped up in an airport hotel! Swim, eat, drink and be merry.

Luxury rooms - The Sheraton has some of the largest rooms you'll find at Heathrow and all have luxury beds so good Sheraton put its own brand on them.

Great food - With three different restaurants, you'll find everything from Mediterranean-themed fine dining to USA-themed bar grub. Something to put a smile on everyone's face.

Our customers rated Sheraton Skyline on average 9/10 (1299 reviews).