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Santa Claus Village at night. Santa Claus Village at night.

How to spend a day in Santa Claus Village

You've made it to Lapland and you've found yourself in the one and only Santa Claus Village. What can you do other than meet Santa? Well quite a lot actually!

Cross the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle runs right through the middle of Santa Claus Village and it's clearly marked (although often covered in snow) so you know the exact moment you cross from boring old not-Arctic to magical actual-Arctic.

Remember to make a wish when you cross the line, it'll probably come true but also might not. And if you want to prove it to everyone back home you can wave at them on the 24/7 livestream – just let them know when you're there.

If you really want to impress the people back home make sure you get your official certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle so that everyone believes you.

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Play with the huskies

Huskies racing through the woods

There's a husky park right on the edge of the village and it's home to a friendly pack of more than 100 Siberian huskies, which you can hug. Yes you can literally book a husky hugging session, just don't be offended if they are more interested in your treats than you.

When you visit you'll get a tour from the keepers who will go through the traditional dog sled-riding techniques and how they make sure all the dogs are happy and healthy.

You can also go on a little ride pulled by huskies, either on a sled or a wagon, and tick that experience off your bucket list.

Meet Santa Claus!

Meeting Santa Claus!

This is the main event, the climax, the high point, the pinnacle and the snow-capped peak of your trip. Meeting the real-life Santa Claus. You'll find him chilling in his office in the middle of the village and to reach him you'll have to venture through his workshop. Keep an eye out for the little peepholes through which you can see elves busy at work.

Give the elf at reception a present and they'll arrange for Santa to give it to a loved one when they meet him. Also if you're extra good and ask nicely he might even give you his autograph. You'll be able to buy a video and photo of your interaction with the big man so you can prove beyond any doubt that he's real.

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Merry Christmas!

Go on a reindeer sleigh ride

A couple in a reindeer sleigh

Snuggle up under a cosy reindeer skin with a loved one and take a sedate ride through the woodland pulled by a reindeer. There are typically two sleighs, one in front and one behind. Take the one at the front for better reindeer selfie opportunities. Although you don't need to worry too much as the driver will take a picture on your phone for you if you want.

Go to Santa's Post Office

Post Office sign

Another absolute must. Nip into the post office and get a postcard or 10 to send home. There are writing stations here so you can fill them all out, stick a Santa-themed stamp on them and send them home. You can choose to have them delivered straight away, or get them sent closer to Christmas for an extra festive surprise.

The best part is that they'll get a unique Arctic Circle postmark that you can't get anywhere else in the world.

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Eat at Santa Pizza and Burger

They don't have McDonald's in the Arctic Circle (although the world's northernmost McDonald's is in Rovaniemi!) but if you want some fast food to keep you going this will hit the spot.

Choose from classic cheeseburgers, pizzas, nuggets and veggie options, or go for the Santa's Special Burger which comes stuffed with bacon, a fried egg and a slice of dried reindeer. Scrummy! Also grab a handful of their fry seasoning to take home, it's very moreish!

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