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Maximise your annual leave in 2023

49 days off for just 19 days' annual leave - here's how…

We love our jobs (we're not being forced to write that we promise!) but that doesn't mean we don't stare longingly at the calendar planning in some much-needed holiday time. If you're like us then you'll want to know all the tricks to get as many days off as possible, without using up all your holiday allowance!

And with an extra bank holiday now announced for the coronation in May, you can get 49 days' holiday for just 19 days off - even better than when we first calculated the optimal time off pattern for the year.

Dates to book off in January

Get the year off to a good start! As the New Year falls on the weekend the bank holiday is pushed to the 2nd January - meaning if you book 3rd to 6th (four days) then you can get eight days off.

You might even be over your hangover by then!

Where to go in January

Port du Soleil, Dominican Republic and South Africa top our list this month

Dates to book off in April

Easter falls on Sunday 9th in 2023, which means 7th to 10th are already holidays. So book off April 3rd to 6th, and you've got 10 days in the bag.

Dates to book off in May & June

May is a tale of two halves - at the start of the month book off the 2nd to 5th May (four days) and take a whole ten days for a proper trip away. The 1st and 8th May are bank holidays - so you'll be off from Sunday 29th April and go back on Tuesday 9th May.

Head back to work for a couple of weeks and then surely it's time for another break! Book off 30th May to 2nd June (four days) to coincide with the bank holiday on 29th May. That's another nine days off, including two weekends, for four days' holiday.

Where to go in May

Türkiye, Madeira and Jordan are just three of our late-spring favourites

Dates to book off in August & September

Summer is coming to an end, but it's not too late to get away for some sun. It's also a great time to explore all the UK has to offer! Book 29th August to 1st September (four days) and you'll be off exploring from 26th August through to 3rd September.

Where to go in August

Peak summer season and everyone's off - why not join them?

Dates to book off in December

In 2023 Christmas falls on a Monday, meaning two Bank Holidays and two days off for three booked. Book off 27th to 29th (three days) and you can be off from 23rd December until 2nd January - and then it's time to do this all again!

So there you have it - 49 days off for only 19 days' annual leave. Last year it was 53 for 22 - you can do this every year if you plan ahead. Enjoy your holidays but do us a favour, and don't tell your boss what we told you.